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February 01, 2011


Miss Cupcake

On Valentine's day, my fiance and I have a tradition of getting wings and beer. Hooter's wings might not seem sexy to others but we find it fun and delicious.


Dinner at Melting Pot (yum, cheese & chocolate & wine) and flowers--a big bouquet of flowers, and some chocolates--yes, more chocolate

Mama Bub

We've started a tradition of doing something fun with the kids on Valentine's Day. I think this year we're going to Legoland or the Aquarium.


I know I keep entering, but you keep putting up great books! My plans for Valentine's day itself are dull, but we are going to the science museum on Sunday to celebrate. With twin 5 year olds :-) Every year, we try to do a fun experience together rather than buy presents.

The dull Valentine's day is because I will be an hour away at school, studying, on a Monday.


This is on my reading list right now! I'll be spending Valentine's Day with my fellow single female friends having a great dinner party.


Cooking dinner at home with my hubby. Cooking together, eating together. I love the time at home more than going out on Valentines Day.

Kayla Smith

As of February 3rd (your birthday) I do not yet have plans for Valentine's day. Seeing as how I am single (and always mingle-ing) I'm going to wait till last minute to find a good friend who I can drink wine and eat good food with... BUT!!! If I'm lucky i'll get the concert tickets to Ne-Yo at Nokia that my boss is trying to get for me. We shall see.
I'd love to read the book.

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