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January 17, 2011



If I had a small business, it would likely be a cooking store with lots of cute and colorful kitchen items!

Madam Procrastinatia

If I had a small business, I would run a cobbler store where we'd sell a million types of cobbler/fruit crisp and related desserts. I would also likely need gastric bypass surgery, but maybe I'd be able to write it off as a necessary business expense.


I would have a cute little coffee shop/bakery in a cute little midwestern town.


If I had my own small business I would open a sustainable, delicious, vegan restaurant that people would go to because they loved the food. The focus of my marketing would be the eco-friendly aspect, not the vegan aspect so that people wouldn't lose interest in trying it out just because they weren't vegan. Mmmm. A girl can dream.

Krista Barnett

Hi, I invented a product for women who have large calves and cannot wear tall-length boots, the Boot Band. www.bootband.com. It expands the width of any boot by attaching to the zipper and creating more width so you can wear the boots YOU want!I'm a stay-at-home mom of two who went for her dream and if I can do you, anyone can do it.

Thank you,


If I had a small business, it would have to be photography or craft related business.


If I had a small business, right now, it would be photography. But my brother and I joke that when he makes it big in Hollywood, he will pay for the startup costs for me to get trained and open up a cupcakery. Because who doesn't love cupcakes?


I would have a flower shop or a cute little boutique.


I wish I had a small business making quilts and other handmade items. I keep meaning to do it and I just can't seem to carve out the time to make it happen.


I would have a little bakery. It seems almost on the verge of cliche these days, but it is just about the only thing I am good at. Yeah, I'm a bio major, I like my brownies far more than any of the 200+ birds I can give you the complete taxonomy of and I like my homemade lemon cupcakes WAAAY better than balancing chemical equations.


I have a small business: I develop recipe for companies! I am still amazed this is my job.

Susan G

I would love to own an animal shelter!


I would love to own an organic bakery/herb store - fully sustainable and carbon negative. To create lovely little somethings to send out into the world would be divine!



I would love to have a small business making these great reversible place mats I have designed. For now the only lucky people to get them are family and close friends.

Kerri Anne

Oooh, I love! this question.

I would have a letterpress printing/paper shop. On weekend evenings I'd open up a rad space in the back for patrons to enjoy poetry readings and live music and tasty local beer.


mine would be a map store. fun question!


Don't know if it's too late, but I would open a small, mobile coffee and pastry truck! xoxo


I think it's too late, but I would open a cupcake shop because we don't have enough of them.


I'd be a professional organizer!

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