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January 16, 2011


Theresa N

I've read good things about this book. Sign me up please.
Theresa N


Love reading. This sounds like it could be my husband and me someday (minus the child, but definitely a parent or two moving in with us).


sounds like a great book :-)


Sounds like a good read!

Kayla Smith

1. This book sounds amazing and I'd love it to be my next read.
2. I just finished my last book so now I have nothing to read.
3. It was lovely getting to visit with you in SLO, miss you so.


I love books about complicated relationships. Sounds really good!

Alice Cheng

One for the times...hopefully this'll get me reading again! I've been so bad after that horrid summer we spent staring at Bar books...

Lisa C.

Love you blog! I've been a fan for over a year now when I stumbled across it while on summer vacation from teaching. I'm looking for something new to read that's different from my guilty pleasure - young adult books. This book looks lovely!

Ruth Cooper

I miss you Janet, perhaps I can lunch with you and Lauren one day. The book sounds entertaining and timely with the state of unemployment, stress and a world gone crazy!


Ohhh it sounds like a good read! Thanks for posting! Even if I don't win this book I will go buy it now....I want to know what happens!! :)

Kerri Anne

Yay! new books.

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