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December 20, 2010


pat jasmin

i relaxe in the morning with my tea and email/


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My alone time and cup of coffee makes my morning! i sit on the couch and watch the snow!


I love my morning routine because its relaxing. After helping to get hubby out the door and to work, I make me a chai tea latte and sit down with a purring kitty on my lap and check my email.


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Kat Emerick

I have a cup of tea, sitting on the couch and read the morning paper before I start my day.

Yvonne Butler

I get up at five each morning and read and study my Bible. My day goes better. ybutler@oppcatv.com

Marjorie  Whitney

I'm luhave a job lucky enough to have a job where I don't need to show up until afternoon, so my morning routine is nice and leisurely, for the most part. Coffee, showers, checking email are part of the am must dos.

barbara wright

You're kidding, right? "morning" and "great" in the same sentence???? The only way I can even survive the morning is by loading up on coffee and hiding until I'm human.


My morning routine during the week consists of my laying in bed as long as possible before panic sets in and I rush around like a mad man getting ready for work. I hate it. LOL Now on the weekends, its bliss. I sleep in and wallow in my blankets until I don't want to anymore...and sometimes I stay there all day.


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The smell of coffee in the morning is what I live for! I have to drink it in a colorful mug, in my robe, and in a recliner with my laptop.


Snuggling with my newborn baby boy is my new morning routine & I love it!

Bonnie P

I sit down at the computer after I take my daughter to school

sheila k.

My morning routine includes checking my blood sugar and my email accounts.


My morning routine is great when I have enough time to check my email and enjoy a cup of coffee or a can of Coke.
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Heather W

my morning wouldnt be complete w/o coffee
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Amy Delong

relax with a iced vanilla starbucks drink!


My morning routine includes: a twenty minute workout and a cup of green tea.


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carol y l

I start with coffee and almond butter and then hubby and I walk for almost 3 miles.

carol y l

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My morning routine is to relax with a cup of hot chocolate (in the winter) or iced tea (in the summer) and read the papers a bit and have a few minutes for reflection before the kids get up!

Erica Best

i love the 10 mins of me time it helps me get my day started.

Erica Best

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My husband and I always start out the day with a cup of coffee together. We usually try to exercise too.


What makes my morning routine great is getting up at least 1/2 hour before the kids, so I can check email before they get up.


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Gaines Simmons

The best thing about my morning routine is the "silence, peace and quiet." I am following, liking, joining and subscribing. Thank you for the opportunity.

Pamela S

I make coffee and after everyone is out I sit down with my coffee and read my email! Love the quiet time. Thanks.

Kristina Lemons

My morning routine is great because my man and I make time to snuggle. hahaha. He started it.


I exercise which gets me pumped for the day!

Michelle H.

I love to have my morning cup of coffee and to relax by catching up on the news of the day.


checking my email and doing my sweeps make my morning complete

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itsjustme62613 at gmail.com

Patty Hancock

Every morning I feed my cat, get my husband ready for duty then get my son ready for school. After taking care of my priorities I then make time for myself and shower and moisturize. Then I'm ready for the rest of my day :)

Patty Hancock

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My husband and I go for a 45 minute cardio rush every morning at the gym across the street. Wakes us up. Gets us moving!


I love coffee, this helps me get my morning off right.


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a can of diet pepsi is necessary first thing in the morning

Shari Wright

I like to get a nice load of laundry started there's just something soothing about the swish of the washer while I kick back with a cup of nice black coffee!!


I take a nice, warm shower to wake up


I have to relax and take some time to wake up, I'll usually check my email

Jay F

My morning routine is great when I have a flavorful cup of coffee and something interesting to read while I sip the first cup.

Jean D.

My morning routine is made wonderful by my pretty parakeets. I give them food and water and clean their cage, and they sing to me.

Thanks for a great giveaway!


Coffee, yogurt and a 3/4 mile walk to work make my morning great

Notorious Spinks

I have started doing yoga in bed and then enjoy a large cup of coffee


I like to have things ready to go the night before to HELP the morning run smoothly


One to three cups of coffee before I have to speak or think or any one speaks to me.

Jacob LaFountaine

Slam some Diet Cokes


What makes my morning routine amazing is that I don't wear makeup. I do wear moisturizer, but anything else takes too much time. I also don't wash my hair every day, so I save a lot of time (also blessed and cursed with stick straight hair, so it doesn't take much combing).

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