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December 17, 2010


Miss Cupcake

My Christmas wish is to find a job. I would really like to have a wedding next year (I've been engaged nearly one year on Christmas) and a job would help that happen. I haven't worked since August of 2009. It's hard to stay hopeful but that is my wish.

Either gift is fine by me!


My Christmas wish is for my family to respect my efforts to start my own family traditions. It's been a stressful go as my husband and I work on establishing the tradition of waking in our own home with our child(future - ren?) on Christmas morning.

I'd be thankful for either gift!!


My Christmas wish is for a second dog. A Shih Tzu and if she would be a little girl, even better as I already have a dress I bought for a girl dog. A yellow sun dress. Yes, I am silly! And I am thinking my husband is not going to grant this wish....but maybe Santa will!

As far as the prize, I would prefer either.

Happy Holidays!


My Christmas wish is that this new year is much better than the last. I have went through a very rough patch in life and have kept my faith and kept on going even though it was hard. I believe that if we do our best things will turn around...this is my Christmas wish. That would be a prize in itself! :) Happy Holidays....any prize is nice.

Kayla Smith

This year for Christmas I wish that people around the world (especially those who come in contact with myself and my loved ones) will learn to have soft hearts and rid themselves of greed. When it rains it pours and the past few weeks have been dealing with my brother losing hours at work when he is trying so hard to be more responsible, my dad's shifts being switched & therefore my mom never getting to see him all because he's too nice to fight back, and people close to me who make it even harder to transition into this new living situation because they want things for themselves.

I also wish that the hours between Christmas Eve at 9pm and the day after Christmas at 11a will go by very slow, because thats all I get to be home for the holidays... got to love working in retail.

And to see you! Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays

Kayla Smith

Oops... and either works for me :)


My Christmas wish is for my mom, who just turned 80 in September, to be pain-free for just a little while! She is very ill, and I would like nothing more than for her to enjoy herself during this holiday and be free from the all-consuming, constant pain she endures.

Thanks for allowing me to voice my wish!

Happy holidays to all.


Uh, oh. Forgot preference. Either would be great. Will donate to the library! :)


My wish is for a healthy granddaughter who is due on February 9. My daughter is having a few problems so I pray the baby is all right.


My wish is for joy for my family and friends. Either gift would be wonderful!

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