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December 08, 2010



I keep a food diary and make sure to keep active during the holidays.



Adrienne gordon

At home I wiegh my portions on a scale (well, I used to, now I have a good idea where the portions are).I'll eat more for the holidays, but balance it with exercise.


If I eat some cut up raw veggies before a meal, I find that I will eat less and also stay away from sweets while I am eating them



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Margaret Smith

I try to snack on a healthy snack before going out. Then I drink plenty of water and try to fill up on healthier options. If I do treat myself to a high calorie item, I take tiny portions.


my tip is if you bake use splenda
if you snack no larger portions than your fist...............

Scott Martin

Eating during the holidays is not easy sometimes. To stay healthy I always eat a small meal before I go so I don’t feel like I have to pack it on at the party. I would rather do that and have everyone say how svelt I look instead of hiding the pie when I walk in. Happy Holidays.

Scott Martin

Roxanne Ellis Raymond

What great ideas, though my husband would look at me oddly if I served tiny portions, since he's 6'3" but hey Im used to that. I have a sheet on my fridge with portion sizes compared to real world things - cards, dice etc so its easy to visualize

Stephanie V.

usually portion control size of palm but this year fighting cancer, had treatment and isolation last week and lost my salivary glands so no taste whatsoever
tvollowitz at aol dot com

Benny Williams

I always try to follow the "80% rule". Eat until you feel 80% and stop. If you feel hungry later, you can always have a snack. But usually that 80% is enough. Thanks for the giveaway!

Benny Williams


Susan Smith

I eat healthy foods before I go to parties. I also drink water and just take sample of food which keeps me satisfied.

Susan Smith



When you go to a gathering where there will be food, only allow yourself to sample your top 3 choices on the food table. If you have to really think about what treats you're eating, it will help you eat them more slowly and savor them, helping you eat less.

And, of course, eating healthy at home/work/school/wherever the rest of the time will mean that some treats won't hurt. :)

Andrea S.

I keep the higher fat and calorie treats further away from the reach of my arms. If I have to make more effort, I am less likely to mindlessly munch.


I try to eat only to satisfaction, and not go beyond that point where I am feeling stuffed!

gina.m.maddox AT gmail.com



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cathy miller

I try to make or size holiday treats in small bite size treats and I freeze what ever i can to save to serve as the winter season goes along


I got to say, I really don't think about portions during the holidays. I just eat slower mostly because I am talking and drink lots of water.

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Heather S

I love trying lots of different goodies, so I make sure I take a very small amount so I don't feel deprived but I don't overeat. Also drink lots of water.


Gotta say the finest way to eat healthy for our family is to stick a Mediterranean diet of pastas, fishes, olive oil and other necessary peripherals :D

Please feel free to contact me at:

allrightyes at gmail dot com


I just tweeted this giveaway here :D


Please feel free to contact me at:

allrightyes at gmail dot com

Susan Randle

I only eat until I am full; I don't go on eating just because there is still food left on my plate.

Sarah Hirsch

use smaller plates, then a full plate is not as much food as it is on a larger plate

Mary M

JI try to take small portions of sweets and large portions of healthy foods.

Mary M

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I try to maintain portion control by eating half of what is put onto my dinner plate. As for sweets, I choose those I'm most drawn to and eat a bite of each.



Cynthia C

I also like the small plate to give the illusion of more food. Along with it, you need to have a no seconds rule!

Cynthia C


Judith Van Alphen

I am a neurotic health nut. I eat what can fit in the palm of my hand about every 3 hrs.
I can't remember the last time I ate junk.




Kristian makes fun of my tiny dessert spoons, but I use them for everything.

I tell myself that if I only eat a little bit of whatever it is that I shouldn't eat too much of, I can have it as leftovers later. And I try to eat as slowly as possible, savoring every bite.


I make sure I don't withhold the treats from myself, I just get the correct portion size so I get my fill and don't feel left out!


I have NO control!


I do the same thing! I couldn't find small enough plates in the stores, so I bought large saucers at the local thrift store. We don't eat all our meals on the tiny plates, but I always eat breakfast on it and often other meals. And I totally do the small ice cream bowl thing (and the tiny spoons are brilliant -- I think I will seek some out).

Matt and I keep talking about getting married. When we do, I am so registering for an old-school set of plates that are all small, even if it means we just get salad plates.


f I know I'm going to be eating at a party, I will eat light the rest of the day to save some calories to splurge a little.


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Cut your own portions!!!

Nadine L

During the holidays, if I know I am going somewhere with lots of goodies available, I will eat some fruit or a Salad first, that way I am not too hungry and if I eat anything at all it will be a small portion

Nadine L

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Susan E.

At home, I use a salad plate for all my meals. I also pay close attention to finger snacks like nuts. Since nuts are very heart healthy, I try to eat a few every day but I always count out the exact number, for example, 10 almonds and then close the can and put it away.

dogsrock at insightbb dot com


This sounds a bit weird, but I use children's sized silverware. This helps me to take smaller bites, and actually enjoy what I'm eating. Strange yet effective!
paigewiley16 AT gmail DOT com


drink a lot of water .

Steve W.

Stay active and watch the portion sizes.


I eat veggies and crackers before the meal to keep my portions small.


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I go into the holidays knowing I'm going to eat more than usual, so I don't beat myself up for it. I don't go crazy, though--basically, I focus on those foods that I don't eat year round. So I skip the bread and mashed potatoes so I can have my grandma's cookies instead. :)

Mary B

I limit fat and calories by passing up the dips and deserts.

beth shepherd

I like to eat a salad before we go out to dinner at friends and family. I also like to get small portions and drink lots of water.
Thank you

beth shepherd

Thank you


i drink lots before and during the meal, water, not alcohol lol

Suzanne K

I've downsized the plates I use! Now, I use the salad plates almost all the time. (They are still fairly good sized). Occasionally, depending on what I'm having, I'll actually go down one more size plate. Then, the trick is to NOT go back for seconds!

Kathy N  Scott

My healthy tip is to not got to parties hungry.

Debbie Bellows

i try using a smaller plate and not getting seconds!

Debbie Bellows

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I drink a bottle of water in the car on the way to parties to help me curb my intake!!
Merry Xmas! Thanks!
Janna Johnson


If I want to indulge I only eat a very small portion... like a bite or 2.


I don't go to any holiday parties hungry. I'll eat a small healthy snack beforehand that way I'm not starving and I don't gobble up everything in site.


My secret is that I use smaller plates.

kport207 at gmail dot com

Ellie W

I never accept anything to take home from a party and I avoid alcoholic drinks so I don’t have to worry about those empty calories.

Ellie W


lathres b

I pass up the rich-fatty deserts. And fill up on fruit, veggies and The Laughing Cow Cheeses!!!


I eat more salad and veggies so I can avoid the more fattening foods. I also choose water to drink.


i try to always leave a couple of bites of whatever i'm eating. that helps me to cut back a little

jen gersch

I try to fill up on soup for the holidays

Jennifer M

I eat a big healthy dinner before I go out to parties so I'm not as hungry.


i stay away from the sweets

Susan C.

I love the idea of "dainty" portions, which really are what normal portions used to look like! :)

Stacey K

I skip the vending machines at work and keep healthy snacks in my desk.


My portion control secret is to try many things but to share them all with someone. That way you're eating half!


I take small portions and eat slowly so my brain has time to receive the message when it's full. I wait until later on to have dessert.

 linda lansford

I don't buy what I can't eat

Happi Shopr

I use a small plate and drink a lot of water


I drink a big glass of water before a meal, and eat fruit and veggies to fill up before other treats.

Debbie C

I am already a water drinker, almost always skipping sodas. I don't eat foods offered just to be social. I take small portions first and only finish what I really enjoy.


Debbie C



catherine copeland

I try to keep in mind portion sizes like a deck of cards for protien and a tennis ball for veggies I do sample some treats but I don't load up my plate with them

teechbiz at gmail dot com

kelly w.

To help manage portions I don’t use large serving spoons – just regular spoons.

chlorinebrain at sbcglobal dot net

Elizabeth N.

We got rid of our big plates and only use the smaller plates all the time. I also put the portions of veggies down first, so the plate fills up faster with the good-for-me stuff and makes it harder to cram on the not-so-good for me stuff!


I don't have trouble with portion control. I don't like the feeling of being full, so I always leave myself a little bit hungry.

Geoff K

To try to minimize my holiday over-indulgences and eat reasonable portions while still enjoying desserts and other treats, I drink a lot of water before and during parties so my stomach stays fuller the entire time, and I limit myself to one of any treat or one plateful from dinners and buffets. Thanks!

Geoff K

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Erica C.

I eat a healthy meal at home before I go to any holiday party. This keeps me fuller and less likely to indulge with all the bad treats.

Lori Walker

I have learned to always bring a dish when going to a holiday party. Then, I seem like a gracious guest and know that there is at least one healthy option available!

Debra F

I found that the time I overeat too much is at dinner (especially when there is pasta or potatoes), so I've taken to eating on a bread plate....seriously. It sounds like a tiny portion, but I fill the plate so I feel like I've got a whole plate full, and usually it's plenty of food. If I get hungry later, I have a healthy snack. Works well at parties too. I let myself have whatever I want as long as it can fit on one small size plate.

Daniel M

never fill your plate more than 3/4, and no seconds


I keep some 100 calorie snacks on hand at work because there’s always cookie trays and goodies the weeks leading up to Christmas. From my lips straight to my hips and I swear it’s always worse during the holidays. When I'm tempted by goodies, I grab one of my healthy snacks instead.

And when I'm Christmas shopping, I always bring along a bottle of water. The stores are hot and I know that I'd be tempted to stop for a soda or grab a quick fast-food snack..the water helps fill me up, keep me cool and it's much better for me than soda. I'm also not tempted to snag a bag of fries for the road.



Teegan Briggs

I have a rule for myself…before I go for the junk food, I will eat something healthier and then wait 20 minutes before indulging. So…if somebody brings over lasagna, I will have a banana and some salad before gorging myself on the fattening food!


Water! Water! Water! Lots of it. I put pieces of fruit in my water makes it sweet and easy to gulp down :)


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I fill half of my plate with fresh fruits & veggies before going for the heavier, fat & calorie filled foods


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If its a sweet I only eat one bite. Thanks! thebubbledies(at)gmail(dot)com

Elizabeth Baer

I portion snacks like chips and pretzels into baggies when I get home from the store.

Lori hart

I guess I'm "lucky" enough not to have a severe sweet tooth. This way, pies and cakes do not tempt me. Smaller plates or spreading the food out rather then in a big pile tricks the brain. I drink a lot of water (which is also good when you're inside overly heated rooms) and watch my portions

rugerpuppies at hotmail dot com


I don't do portion control as much as I choose the treats I really want and try ignore the rest.

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