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November 15, 2010



I'd like the pomegranate green tea.

pauleyd68 at yahoo dot com


I haven't tried them but I'd probably try pineapple mango first

Deb wallin

Haven't tried yet, but plan on trying the raspberry green tea first.

Valeen N

I would love to try the Pomegranate flavor! Thanks!


This past weekend I tried a new restaurant and thought I wouldn't like the food but did.

brian e.

Thanks for the giveaway…we drink the original & the Fusion/Pomegranate Blueberry; eager to try the Raspberry Green Tea.

senorpiero [at] yahoo [dot] com

Kellie C.

I think the Pineapple Mango sounds the best, although I'd be willing to try all of them - the flavors are great choices! Thanks for the giveaway!

Betty C

I can't really think of anything that I've been hesitant to try. I'm usually pretty adventurous. I've not tried any of the fusion drinks because I never liked the original V8, but I think I'd like to try the Pomegranate flavor.

Betty C

Tweet - http://twitter.com/willitara/status/13377534762684416




Brandy B

I have tried the Pineapple Mango Green Tea with vodka. Love me some fruity mixed drinks. And the Green Teat makes it healthy, right? :-)

Brandy B

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Natalie J. Vandenberghe

I haven't tried many of the flavors yet, but I'd probably like any raspberry, cranberry, or pomegranate blend.
I've loved V-8 since I was a kid. No aversion to tomato juice here.
I've probably never tried something I was reluctant to eat (passed on an opportunity to eat escargot and caviar--I guess I missed out on the pleasant surprise :)
Thanks for the giveaway.
[email protected]

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