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November 02, 2010


Kim P.

I pledge to carry the bag with me this holiday season...I promise!


of course i'll carry the bag, pinky swear.


ah! These bags are adorable!! I would totally carry it around with me!


I will carry this bag EVERYWHERE I go!

Nan Jolly

I pledge to use the Envirosax for my shopping,and not just during the holidays. Away with plastic bags.


Love love this bag. I will take this with me everywhere over the holidays and beyond!


I promise! I'm in Alaska so this bag will definitely stand out in the cold dark days of winter!


I would love this bag to replace the tired, old Trader Joe's bag I have been carrying for two years now.


Pinky promise to package my purchases in this pretty pouch! Quite in love with the boheme bag 1 design from the graphic collection too~

le.paradis.found at gmail dot com


Such a cute bag! I promise to remember to carry it, it will help me get back into the grove!

Debra Sue

I, too, pledge to carry this bag. It will stand out like a rose in the winter of my black cloth Kroger bags.


I'll carry it with me. I think. Or at least I will try to do so.


Oh my goodness. So, so cute! I would carry it in a heartbeat.


i will carry this adorable, enviro friendly bag!


I already have 2 Envirosax that I carry to the store. One is the same that JT has! So, I'm definitely keeping it on me at all times!


I wouldn't carry that bag because I promised, I'd carry it because it's so cute! But I would also promise to carry it. ;)


I would love to carry this bag!


I'm carrying that bag with me everywhere! Love the print! random.com you are so mine.

fat lazy celiac

I pledge to carry this bag with me in the bottom of my purse, so I don't go to the co-op after work without said bag.


There is nothing more fun than whipping out a reusable bag at the store to pack up your new purchases! I definitely pledge to carry it with me!


SO PRETTY! I will carry it anywhere!


I pledge to stuff this cuteness with pumpkin pie, autumn blooms, and any other yummy item that crosses my path at the grocery store!


I pledge to carry the bag whenever I go shopping!!! It is so adorable!


I pledge to carry the pretty Envirosax bag with me everywhere!!


Me too! I love carrying totes and eco-bags with me.


Love it! I pledge to carry all season!!


I can always use another (adorable) reuseable bag!

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