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October 16, 2010



I need books! Lots and lots of books! My year off from school starts in March and my calculations tell me that a year of no school means lots of reading all for myself! The author seems awesome!


This sounds really cute! A nice read for rocking the DD to sleep and giving me a little escape as well!


Almost bought this book at barnes and noble on friday. Definitely looks like a good read.


Count me in, I'd love to read it!



oooh, i want to read this!


i read this a few months ago (being a former Mormon, it intrigued me). the author is funny and engaging. It's a quick and easy read!


I need to read this book. Although I'm not Mormon, I feel like it tells a story very similar to my life.

A Twitter User

I am in serious need of a good book right now. I keep starting ones that I don't like :(


This book sounds really cute! I want to read it.


Oh, my gosh ... I definitely want to read this!


This looks really cute. I am into memoirs right now and would love to read it!

Cindy D.

I want to read this and then share it with the Book Louvah's!! :)


This looks awesome! I'd love to read it.


Just finished a book and currently casting about for something new...

BTW, I enjoyed "American Wife".

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