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October 11, 2010



My one and only time on the giant exercise ball actually landed me in the doctor's office. I was laying there draped over it and couldn't move. No one was in the room with me and I was yelling for help. They had to get me a WALKER and get me into a car where I was taken to the doctor's office. NO more exercise balls for this girl. In fact, the site of one sends shivers of fear down my spine! LOL

carol y l

My granddaughter asked me why my teeth were yellow. LOL


My husband and two friends and I were visiting a local theme park that had tiny zoo-like enclosures throughout the park. My husband and I were standing at a fence admiring the flamingoes when an older man walked up, took a look at the flamingoes and said to nobody in particular, "Well I'll be doggoned, they've got red chickens!" We had to get away very quickly before we fell into a puddle of laughter.


When my little brother said, "my daddy toots every morning," in front of my grandparents. They were not impressed.

Brandy B

Even though my hubby says I'm beautiful and sexy just the way I am, my mom called me "big boned" not too long ago. Ugh! Now here come the painful workouts.....

Brandy B

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Why did Santa's little helper feel depressed?
He had low elf esteem


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About the only thing that I run away from.. is exercise :/

Geoff K

I've found a key to staying on track with my workouts is to plant my stationary bike in front of the TV in the living room and watch lots of Food Network shows and "Top Chef" to remind me of some of the good food and decadent desserts I might treat myself to on the weekend if I stay on target for the entire week. So far so good!

Geoff K

I tweeted: http://twitter.com/guettel78/status/1502505041141760


My boss yells to me " I knew you could do it" its cuz you are MEXI-CAN!!! :)


While in NYC we walked just about everywhere so as not to feel guilty for indulging in everything!


A neighbor and I played badmittion in a cirle area by my drive and another neighbor lady in her 60's backed way into the circle and drug my net down with her car because she didn't want her hubbie looking out their front door watching us as we played in the evenings. lol I was so mad:( needless to say we played without a net and lost some weight anyway that summer. Our hubbies got a good laugh.

R Hicks

I try to workout at least twice a week maybe 3. I do aerobics, stretching, and light weights.About a month ago, my two cats were more than frisky one morning. No matter what I could not get them to leave me alone while doing some situps. I then proceeded to do leg stretches and lo and behold there they were thinking it was play time. I decided I would hold one in each hand and used them as weights. It only lasted less than a minute and they must have thought I was nuts.

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R Hicks



ardy22 at earthlink dot net

Cookin' Canuck

Here's a silly anecdote from our family: My 5-year old son asked if we could visit a lighthouse. When I responded, "Maybe we can someday. Why do you want to do that?", he said, "So I can meet the president." Apparently there was a little confusion between a lighthouse and the White House.

Good luck with you 5k and enjoy that cupcake!

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