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October 01, 2010



I find my magic on the shoe clearance rack :)


I find my magic by surrounding myself with people that I love. Cheesy, but true :)


I find my magic in bandolino shoes. They allow me to be dressy and professional without sacrificing my feet! I feel so confident when i wear them to work.


I find my magic in the people who surround me with love and support.


I find my magic in funky jewelry.


I find my magic in juuuust the right perfume.


I find my magic with my flat iron.

Miss Cupcake

I find my magic with my wand from Ollivander's at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter theme park. You laugh but my magic lies in my creativity which helped me score a special wand while on vacation there. Because I crafted very lovely t-shirts for me and my friend, we were picked to do something special by Ollivander himself and that was magical.

Cindy D.

I find my magic by changing something I don't like. :)

Henria O.

I find my magic by experimenting with colors I don't usually wear!
sazzyfrazz at gmail dot com

Andrea Lockard

I find my magic in the face of someone who finally understands what I am teaching. I find it when I need by remembering those times. That is my magic.


I find my magic in a good book, beautifully executed fouettés, eyeliner, chocolate chip cookies, and hugs. :)


I find my magic daily in my 1 year old and her discoveries. Something as simple as a stick or a swing are pure magic to her and that rubs off on me. And there's really nothing like looking back over the year of her life and realizing just how magical it is that she has grown and changed and thrived in all the ways she has in just a short trip around the sun.

**Oh, and baby kisses.


I find my magic in a good night's sleep and a sunny wake-up. Nothing helps me have a better day than those two things.

And I could tots use a new pair of shoes!


I find my magic by shopping with my daughter she always lets me know what not to get and we have alot of fun mom and daughter time


I find my magic on my iPhone. Ebooks, Facetime, Words With Friends... Fun!

Sandra Brower

I think I find my magic when I can get a great deal for something I really wanted but didn't think I could afford. I am a working Mom on a horse ranch so time or money for magic is rare. But, occasionally, I will get online and you great Bloggers will help me find a deal or even let me win a prize and I find my magic. You do all the work and let me enjoy a few little special things and I love you all for it!! Thank you and please pass it on to everyone you work with or know doing this great service for all of us in your audience. It truly is magic when I can carry a beautiful $175 London Fog purse I purchased on clearance at Sears for only $9.99,free shipping thanks to Ship Vantage, using a $10 Kmart gift card I ordered from My Coke Rewards, only because a Blogger researched a great deal at Kroger's for Cocoa Cola products that ended up only costing me about $.35 a 2ltr after sales and coupons allowing me to accumulate enough My Coke Rewards to purchase my little magical $10 gift card. :) Thanks. You guys are the magic!!.

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