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July 21, 2010



I once flew off the back of a treadmill. I was working out with a trainer, who kept increasing my speed more and more. I told her I wasn't sure I could keep up, and then all of a sudden, BAM! My feet flew back and I ended up landing on my hands and knees on the floor. (In between laughs, the trainer told me that she thought the treadmill had a shorter track than normal. I still work out with her occasionally, and now she's afraid to let me back on it!)


I take my dog running with me. She's reactive towards other dogs, which means that she sometimes loses it and starts barking. We were jogging once and she started barking and pulling towards a dog that was safely locked up across the street. She was so distracted, she ran right into a telephone poll. I shouldn't have laughed, but she really did look funny. :p




I don’t know how funny this story is to others, but at the time I thought it was. I joined a lady’s gym when I was a teenager and there was a woman who insisted on walking around the lady’s locker room completely naked. She would go up to people and have conversations with them, stark naked. I thought it was pretty outrageous.

Krissy M

Funny conversation I overheard the other night at dinner.
Waiter: Would you like fresh cut fries or waffle fries?
Guy: What's fresh cut fries?
Waiter: A potato.
Me: *chokes on drink*


A long, long time ago, when I was in middle school, our health class had to divide into groups and make workout videos of our own! My group took the idea of the “Sweatin’ to the Oldies” videos and did our own twist, which we called “Sweatin’ to the Newsies.” Clever, I know. I would pay big money for a copy of that video today. I’m sure it would make me laugh so hard I’d burn as many calories as I would doing the Shred!

Jessie C.

I covered myself using tons of plastic wraps since my cousin swore that worked magically for getting fit. And of course it didn’t work out plus Mom was furious not having Saran wraps in her kitchen.

Jessie C.


Jessie C.



I have slipped on a banana peel. Twice. Both times were in school hallways (first on the landing of a middle school stairwell, second time in high school). I didn't fall or get hurt either time... just skidded and slid and crashed into a wall or others. Now I keep an eye on the ground for banana peels... you would really be surprised for often I've seen, and avoided, them since.

Alyssa Cima

I dated this guy ever so briefly and while he told me he loved superman stuff, I didn't take it all that seriously. Even though he had a superman watch on. I soon got a tour of his home. He had superman stuff in his home for sure; I even got a tour of his closet. He opened it up. To my right, there was a fullsuperman outfit, cape and and all. I guess I should be capitalizing "S". I almost lost it- I wish I had a camera and had the guts to take a photo!

Dawn P.

I fell off of a stationary bike. No, really. We had just brought home the exercise bike from the store. It was a Christmas gift from mom - she picked it out, so I had not had a chance to ride it yet. While my husband and father-in-law went upstairs to clear room for the bike in our office, I climbed onto the bike to try it out in our garage. While dismounting the bike, my heel got caught on the seat, but the rest of me was still on its way off of the bike. I came crashing down, twisting my ankle underneath me and cried out in pain. I was down on all fours next to the bike trying to get up when my husband and father-in-law opened the door to the garage (since they had heard me cry out in pain). My husband took one look at me and said, "Did you fall again?" His dad looked at him like he was a monster and proceeded to ask me if I was okay. I had to wear a to-the-knee boot for the next month and constantly got asked, "what happened?" I told people it was a sports injury. :-) (I must add that my husband is not a monster. . .I am a clutz and I do fall all the time. Most of my funny stories have to do with falling).

By the way. . . Laughing Cow cheese. YUM! A great mid-day snack is to take one of their Light triangular cheese wedges and smear that on Reduced Fat Triscuits. It is so good!


Hmm I have flung myself off the treadmill after a momentary lapse in...paying attention. Always fun to do that!


I once chased my car down Ricky Skagg's (the famous bluegrass musician) driveway. His property was getting turned into a subdivision and I went to meet the contractor and construction workers, whom I would be checking in on periodically for work. I parked my car and got out, but left it in neutral and forgot to pull the emergency brake up. As I introduced myself to the team, trying to look very professional, my car started rolling down the driveway. In a panic, I decided to go sprinting after it. It was rolling faster than I was running, but it did finally stop, thanks to a wooden fence. Unfortunately, for the rest of that job, I was the idiot girl who chased her runaway car down the driveway. Not the best way to be taken seriously.


At my high school, there was this huge grand staircase that led up to the school's commons area. It was in this commons area that we held the Homecoming dance every year. As I was making my very big entrance into the Homecoming dance (alone) during my freshman year (dear God, that was 1995), I was ascending aforementioned stairs in my beautiful red dress and fell not once, but twice, up the stairs.

It was a heck of an entrance.


Oh no, a bug in the eye..not a good thing lol

Okay, this is SO embarrassing BUT I’m gonna tell it lol

It happened quite some years ago when I lost my 70 lbs..I was exercising alot and got bored with walking only..I decided to do some aerobics and various things from a dvd I had..well, one involved laying across a coffee table using it like a weight bench almost..I had no clue our table was that flimsy or I was that heavy but it didn’t take long and BAM..I was laying on the floor on top of a broken, flattened coffee table:( lol

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My friend and I used to go rollerblading at the beach. As I was blading, I got distracted by a good looking guy playing volleyball. I rolled right off the sidewalk and into the sand; went face first into a bench and chipped my front teeth. So not only did I embarass myself in front of the good looking guy; I had to walk around with a chipped front tooth for a week until I could get into the dentist.


My embarrassing workout moment was when I was running outdoors (well, more so jogging to be honest lol) and saw two cute guys on the other side of the street so to impress them I started sprinting (even though I was already out of breath) and blasted my ipod music to gear me up. I guess I was so focused on trying to assume proper sprint form and pumping it up that I sort of zoned out from reality because I literally ran into a bus stop sign. It was so humiliating I ran all the way back home as those guys smirked at my mishap! ahh!








I definitely ran off the treadmill last week when I tried to look at my Ipod for too long! Youch! scg00387 at yahoo dot com




It's always funny when you throw yourself off the treadmill. haha


Back in high school, I was on the treadmill when I noticed the hottest teacher in my school walk in. I didn't even know he had a membership at the same gym as me, but I totally had a crush on him. I don't think he recognized me, but he still chose the treadmill right next to me. Even though I was already almost done with my run by the time he came over, I worked out for a full twenty minutes more just to show off and look cool. Finally, I had to give in and get off. I went over to the rowing machine on the second level of the gym and a few minutes into my work out, I realized he was lifting weights downstairs and that I could only see him when I pulled forward. What a great motivation!

Kerri Anne

I once did an entire track workout with my running pants (the tight spandex-y kind, oy) on backward.


Omg, your story is so funny! Sounds like something that would happen to me ;) Here's mine: Love your story, it will be a funny thing to tell baby someday ;) One of my most embarrassing stories involved me in a show, I work in theatre a lot and since costume wasn't done until last minute, so during rehearsal I always had to "pretend" to curtsy in my dress, which was a very long and bulky dress, much longer and bigger than my real dress would be on show night. So once the show started and I was finally in my costume dress, no more pretending with a long bulky gown, I had to actually curtsy with a shorter more sleek ballgown. Well, I wasn't used to wearing a shorter ball gown, and when it came time to curtsy, I did. I heard a few chuckles, but didn't think any thing of it. Next, it came time for me to "bow" to the prince in the show, and when I did, I was met with more giggles, not to mention the Prince's eyes just about popped out of my head. What was everyone laughing at?? I didn't get it. When I walked off stage when my scene was over, my director ran over to me and said in a frantic voice "Amber, you're pulling the dress up high, and showing the entire audience your underwear and stockings!". I just about fell over with embarrassment. I was so used to curtsying big and heavy with the larger dress that I had forgotten that I could do it lighter and less pronounced with my brand new dress. But the show must go on! So for the rest of the show, I didn't curtsy ;)


I tweeted too:

Jill H.

I tripped and fell off the treadmill last week when I was watching a good looking guy walk by. And, yes, he noticed me too after that - Ugh!

Jean D.

One night, when I was sixteen, my father took me out to drive his car. He hadn't let my brothers or sisters drive it, so I knew I had to be on my best behavior. I was cautious: I drove slowly, carefully, observing the speed limit and signalling all turns. My father was quiet the entire ride. Finally he said, "You see that moon up there?" I looked at the sky and said, "Yes." He shook his head. "You shouldn't," he said.


I was whining to hubby about spending more time together so we, mainly I, thought it'd be a good idea for me to join his bowling league. I had been on the league for a while and was frustrated that I could never crack 100. I mean everyone else on the team averaged 150, 175 and up.

Our team made it to the league championship and that day I finally did it. I was nearing 100. I was ecstatic. Everyone else well, umm, not so much. One of the guys pulled my husband aside. Next thing you know, hubby comes up to me to explain that I was the handicap and that my good bowling was actually bad for the team.

They wanted me to bowl poorly but that night of all nights, I was on a roll and couldn't. I was getting strikes and spares left and right. I still remember the grimaces on my team's faces whenever I got a strike or a spare. They were actually coaching me on how to bowl poorly (like I needed that, I mean I mastered it all the weeks before). But the one night, the one night, my poor bowling skills were needed...I was on fire and couldn't lose. Oh yeah, we lost the championship but I learned a lot about bowling and handicaps.


I can't believe I did this but in my teens, I was with my brother at a waterpark when we saw a pregnant lady. Just to be funny I said "look at that fat lady" to my brother, but I said it a little too loud; she heard!


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Even stranger. Sunglasses didn't help me when I was riding my bicycle in the woods and sneezed. I closed my eyes with the sneeze and ran into a tree.



Tweeted! Thanks so much for the chance!


I'm sure we've all had them...those moments that last forever in your memory. The ones where you prayed to never see the innocent bystanders EVER again.

I have been thinking a lot about when my boys were younger, man I miss those days. I thought it was so hard at the time, but I would love to have those days back. Life was simple, and they were simply embarrassing kids!

Don't believe me?

I now submit for evidence: Article A - The Airport
When the boys were young we traveled to and from NC to visit with the Grands. Due to my husbands work schedule and our need to see them every three months (lucky aren't they), I took most of these trips alone.

You may have seen me there, I was the one running to make my connection pushing a double stroller with about 60 lbs of weight sitting in it (I had some chunksters), rolling 2 bags of carry-on, a stuffed diaper bag, and 2 car seats around my shoulders! Oh yeah, and I was probably crying!

So on the way home from one of these lovely trips we are standing in line at the gate getting ready to board the plane, and I'm holding J's hand and have JJ on my hip. Suddenly I hear JJ say "Look J I found band-aids in mommy's pocket book" to which J quickly starts yelling "I wanna band-aid too mom, I want one, I want one". So I am frantically digging in my purse trying to find the band-aids when I realize, I never carry band-aids in my purse. I curiously looked up at JJ to find that he had unwrapped a pad and stuck it to his forehead! I thought I was going to die! I quickly ripped it from his head and shoved it in my purse. I'm not sure how many people witnessed my humiliation, I kept my head down and my eyes forward, and yes I prayed "Lord, please don't ever let me see these people again", so far , so good!

Emily N.

I love this comic about exercise:


OMG my most embarrasing moment involved farting in front of my date! It was our first date and I just could not stop laughing over the embarrasment! It was on my way out of Red Robin. I stepped down from a curb and out it came. That was horrifying ,I was so embarrased! kytah00@yahoo.com


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Fawn George

My kitten likes to sit on the Gazelle machine and pretend to exercise. Also he likes to lay in this tupperware bowl and sleep. It's so funny to see and cute.

Laura D

My family and I decided to go tubing down the Chattahoochee River on a leisurely vacation in Helen, Georgia. My five year old son was attached safely to my husband's tube and my twelve year old daughter was sharing a ride with me. We were enjoying our serene float down the river when suddenly I heard a woman yelling, "Help, Bubba, help"! I saw her struggling under her tube as it flipped over her head and despite being in a crowd of people, no one was coming to her rescue. So naturally, I knew I would have to save her from drowning. I held tightly on to my daughter's raft with one hand, and swam over to the frightened, drowning woman. I wrestled to get her to shore and she just kept screaming, "Where's Bubba? I can't swim!" Then as I was dragging her to the shore, my shoe fell off and started floating down the river. The rocks were slippery, the woman was heavy, the water was rushing, and I was still trying to hold on to my child on the tube with my spare hand. Just as I was loosing my grip, a man came over to assist me. I only assumed it was "Bubba" and then I couldn't help it but I was overcome by the water's rush and I started to float away from the woman. The man was near her at the water's edge so I had a good feeling she would be ok. I struggled, panting at this point, to get back on our tube. Soaking wet, exhausted, and shoeless, I made it to safety. As I sat there breathing heavy, I noticed my little black mule floating down the river. Someone in the crowd yelled, "There goes her shoe!" So holding tightly to my son, my husband paddled their tube over to the shoe and plucked it out of the river. The crowd burst out into applause! They were all cheering, "He saved the shoe! He saved the shoe!" No one ever mentioned the fact that I saved a woman from drowning. At the end of the excursion, I put my shoe on and made a squish, clop sound all the way back to our hotel.


I played on the girls golf team in high school. I was the number 8 player out of 8. It was tragic.

Theresa Vu

A friend and I were at a semi-formal bridal shower (not as laid back as I like). We ate some of the food they had and I went to throw my trash in the trashcan. I opened the lid and there was an envelope with the brides' name on it. I thought, "I wonder if they meant to throw that card away?" I went ahead and kept my plate just in case they didn't mean to throw the card in there. So...we sit down for the couple to open the presents and someone brought up the trashcan I almost threw my plate in. My friend was across the room and said, "Oh! I almost threw my plate in there." I LOST IT!! We were laughing the rest of the time we were there (and getting A LOT of interesting looks). Anyway, I was 8 months pregnant and could seriously laugh at just about anything. That is the moment I remember though.


When my son was young, he overheard me on the phone with the doctor talking about me possibly being lactose intolerant. One day, I was sitting down to breakfast, and he said, "Don't eat that, Mom, the doctor said you are BLACK TOAST INTOLERANT". To this day, it makes me laugh.

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