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June 28, 2010



I try whenever possible to have water instead of soda.

Jessica P

I try to eat more fruits when I want something sweet.


Buying locally helps the environment, my family and my community.

I love eating fresh produce.


I try and stay away from processed foods.


I try to only snack on fruits and veggies, that help a lot.




I LOVE to snack on almonds when I am tempted!!


I do not eat anything with sucralose or aspartame. Making a rule to avoid helps me to avoid other artificial additives.


I don't really have a "rule" but I try to get in-season fruits whenever I can. :)


I have an incurable sweet tooth, so I try to limit myself to one treat a day. And I eat lots of fruits and veggies to make up for it. I'm looooving that it's fresh fruit season on the east coast.


I gave up all carbonated soft drinks several months back. (And caffeine too!) It's bee great!

Sorry that I don't have a bear story to go with this one...


We're trying to incorporate local produce into our meals.


My rule is to know what's in it and avoid hidden stuff. That is to say, I normally avoid high fructose corn syrup or weird preservatives -- why should my ice cream have that junk? But I am okay with occasionally having HFCS if I know that's how that product is made. For example, the occasional gummy worm or other little treat is fine, because that's how it is made. But no junk in my bread or ice cream or stuff like that.

It's a long rule but a good one :-)

I also have a garden, and my rule is to grow more stuff every year. It's still pretty small, so I have room to grow.


My rule is that I don't buy (much) processed food. If I don't keep it in the house, I don't eat it. Though my husband manages to sneak some in every once in a while...


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We have a garden with some fruit and herbs, so that's natural


We buy veggies from a local farm stand, to incorporate more fresh foods!


We are growing our own strawberries :)



I like to use honey when I bake as a natural sweetner vs processed sugar
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Blue Girl

With every lunch that I pack I try to make sure that we have one or two fruits (from a product store or farm) - apple, grapes, mandarin oranges, pineapples, banana etc.
for dinner I like to make sure that we have 1 to 2 veggies like carrots, mushrooms, tomatoes, broccoli, squash, green beans, asparagas or salad.
It helps us keep a healthy balance

Jessie C.

My rule is to make sure we add veggie/fruit either from our organic garden or Farmer's Market into each meal

Jessie C.


Jessie C.



Start at the basics! Use ingredients that only have one ingredient (bananas, broccoli) and use more veggies than meat.


We try to drink more water so we stay away from soda. We have a baby in the house now and we are trying to keep her away from carbonated drinks and drinks with artificial colors.


I can't say I have any rules, but we try to eat more fresh fruits and veggies and drink lots of water


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Tracey Byram

I don't have rules for myself but I have switched from sweet iced tea to unsweet. I eat more baked meats rather than fried.


I would like to say yes, but I don't eat as many as I should!


I don't have a rule....but, I try to eat more fruits and try to eat more healthy when I am getting ready for a run in the near future!

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