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June 07, 2010



I like to switch it up with the OnDemand workouts. There's a little bit of everything on there from yoga to Bollywood with some 10 & 20 minute killers that can add up to some cool custom things. Love it!


Along with walking the dog, I enjoy yoga and stretching as low-impact workouts that keep me limber and toned. If you're a big coke drinker, then cutting those out of your diet will make a huge difference. Best of luck!


I love the bottle and Crystal Light is perfect for changing it up a bit!

The Hubby and I get up and walk really early in the morning. It is so beautiful to be awake and enjoying the peace of the morning with all the animals that are out early!


I train for half marathons, try to lift weights at least 2x a week and play ultimate frisbee every summer (and played last fall and winter as well). I think I'm sweating enough for both of us. I should totally get some cupcakes. :p


Something new I just started, when I'm watching shows on TV during the day, I make a point of getting up and stretching and doing jumping jacks (a great calorie burner!) during the commercials. It helps get the blood pumping while being a short and to the point cardio exercise. :)


Last week, I became a part of a "fitness challenge" with a bunch of my friends. I've made a long-term goal, and, each week, I make a short-term goal. My friend publishes my goal on her blog and keeps track of each participant's progress. Publishing it all online keeps me accountable, and seeing the progress of my other friends keeps me motivated!


Walking, walking, walking to shop for Crystal Light. :)

Lori Lavender Luz

You look so cute! Will Crystal Light do that for me?

I like to do yoga, kickboxing, Zumba and HipHop. And eat veggies.


Adorable! I wish I lived in an area where I could ride my bike more... the three kids don't help either - so I ma thankful for childcare at the gym :)


Light ways I stay fit? Definitely walking! I go to local nature areas and explore everywhere. My boyfriend and I do geocaching (needs a GPS unit, and a car one will work okay), so our walks are kind of like treasure hunts too. We're on a quest to visit all 72 state parks.

The other thing I do is dance. Right now, I'm a couple months into belly dance classes. It is surprisingly way fun (much more than I thought it would be ). Plus, it's a great workout that doesn't feel at all like a workout. If you have time, I'd totally recommend any flavor of dance class.

Oh, and with the water bottle: I have never been stopped from bringing my water bottle into a movie theater. I'm kind of surprised about it, but I don't fight it. So, I'm not even sure if you have to sneak it in.


I walk a lot and do the 30-Day Shred (though that is NOT light).

At meals, I drink a ton of water so that I don't confuse hunger with dehydration. Also, I am a huge fan of the South Beach Diet - helped me lose 20+ pounds for my wedding - and I have kept them off by sticking to its main principles.


I'm not as fit as I could be, but I stroll with my baby every evening.


I can't walk to work, but I can walk to the train station, from the train station to the office, and the reverse for the trip home. It's almost two miles round trip, and the return is mostly uphill. It's going to suck when temperatures spike and the humidity returns. Guess I'll need Pure Fitness to keep me hydrated!


I just bought a house with an incredibly hilly yard, and I'm mowing my own lawn instead of paying a service to mow it (which would be my preference!). I also use RunKeeper on my phone to track how far I've walked/jogged each week, and challenge myself to beat my previous workouts.


My husband and I like to run, walk, or bike in the summer. We have 2 dogs who we try to walk every evening. It's also a good time for us to relax and have some good conversation. We don't watch much tv so this is what we do in the evening.


Sign up for a 5K.


Let's see--walking with my dog and sometimes with my husband and sometimes just myself!

I do the elliptical every day while I catch up on reading & reality TV, the morning news and music videos.

And I love my two bikes, Petunia and Iris.

I also drink Crystal Light almost daily--my favorite is the Lemon Lime.


hi! these days, my sister and i are training for a sprint triathlon. we text each other after we do incredible things like get new swimsuits or run two miles. seriously? i can't wait to wear a cheesy tshirt that reads, 'my sister is a triathlete.'

(also, if you ever want a steady drip of sprightliness, i recommend crystal lite energy. :) )


A run is way better than a nap. I run right after school because if I don't, then I pass out for 30 minutes or an hour. Way better for my beer-gut to run, especially since by the time I get back I'm wide away. Good luck to you!


I play kickball! It's similar to what we all played in 3rd grade, so it's silly and fun, but gets me outside and running around. :)

Nita B

walk, take the stairs


I stay fit by drinking plenty of water, getting plenty of rest, and walking.

Carolyn G

I started making my own salads and taking them to work. It makes a huge difference.

Jennifer Reda

i take the stairs when i can, and i go to the gym regularly


cdziuba@aol.com I really do try to walk 4-5x a week with my friend, and if I don't do it right away first thing in the AM, it becomes more difficult during the day. Thanks for the fantastic giveaway!

Jill H.

I walk the dog and workout with the Wii!

Tina B.

I bike to work and walk in the evenings
3 days a week.

Kristi Price

I watch my calorie intake, stay away from bad carbs and sugar and use my treadmill. TY!


I am the girl who always got a "D" in gym class in high school...I'm just not very athletic. Instead I walk the dog at least 1/2 hour almost every day. The vet said she really had to lose weight and so did I. Between watching my fat and calories and making sure I don't miss our walks, I've already lost 10 pounds this month. I have quite a bit more to go but the first 10 was a big motivator for me.

Deb Anderson

I realized I was spending more time indoors than outdoors. And I knew it would take a major life do-over to change that. I had heard about the Wii and how great it is for physical fitness, but I couldn't afford one. I do have an old Playstation 2 that still works, so I got on an auction site and found Dance Dance Revolution with the mat and all and now I try to do that at least a few times a week. Hey, it's better than nothing!! And it's FUN!


I have been riding my bike to work more and more lately as well as talking walks with my girlfriends.


Walking my two dogs, whose combined weight is more than mine, so I get a pretty intense workout!


I am a runner, and I love it!

Carol Adams

Hubs and I take walks in the evening after the sun starts going down as it has been pretty hot here in Indiana!

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