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June 21, 2010



We climb literal mountains when we go hiking. Which reminds me, we should really get out and climb another one soon!


I started to climb mountains around my house a few months ago to become fit... I live in Santa Clarita, California and there are so many mountains around... the biggest one I have climbed is 5 miles round-trip.


Inclines are always my devil, no matter how fit I am. The most crazy actual mountains I've (partially) climbed are Mt. Cotopaxi in Ecuador and Mt. Hood in Oregon. Cotopaxi was when I was 14 or so. The parking lot alone was higher than Mt. Rainier! We climbed up about an hour in a blizzard, and we only realized later that there were switchbacks :-( that was crazy.

For Mt. Hood, I went on my second backpacking trip ever -- we snowshoes and winter camped on the side of the mountain. All I can say about that day is that I'm glad I made it out alive.

So, in conclusion, I support your suggestion that fitness makes it easier to climb mountains. Both actual and metaphorical.


I live by lists, so I stay motivated by getting one thing after another crossed off my list...i enjoy crossing things off!

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Blue Girl

Fear of dying early motivates me to get and stay in shape - cancer and high bp/cholesterol/sodium run in my family

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The office where I work is .5 miles from the lobby to my cube, so I walk at least 1 mile each day, and 2 flights of steps, and that is my regular workout (and in heels I might add)

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Susan S.

I don't exercise like I should, but my son and I are starting to train for our first 5K.

Mikki M

I use to live in Japan and I remember climbing a mountain there called 'AkaDake'...we also climbed the ski slopes of our local Mt. Moiwa.

Nita B

To just feel better


I haven't done this in awhile, but a couple years ago, my friends and I were living in Colorado and we loved climbing 14ers. I completed two, Grays Peak and Mt. Elbert. It was always the best feeling getting to the top, such an accomplishment!


I climbed the highest point in NJ once (it's actually called High Point). When you get to the top you overlook NJ, PA, and NY in each direction, which is pretty cool. I have asthma so it was incredibly hard for me.

Jessica P

Just mental ones- I am afraid of heights!


I climbed part of a mountain some years ago to see a waterfall, then on the way down, we were alerted to a bear in the parking area. When we arrived at our car, the bear came over to pursue the scent of leftover pizza that wafted out our doors when we opened the truck. He then climbed into the back of the truck to try to find the pizza. (Which, incidentally, was in the cab with us.) I ended up having to throw a slice of pizza in front of the truck so that we could leave.

So, that was less a mountain climbing story and more a story about getting a bear out of the back of a pickup truck, but still, it was funny, so one of my goals was achieved.


They're not really mountains in our area, but there are plenty of hills that we climb on our bikes.


I trained for a Marathon....and I did it!!! Now I have run 2!!! So awesome and I NEVER thought I could do it!

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