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June 12, 2010


Kelsey Kim

I really need alone time each day, so going out for a run is a good excuse. Plus, I pay a lot of money for running shoes, so I better use them(as my husband tells me).


It is definitely hard to stay motivated. I do really well when I don't have a full time job and/or a commute . . . but otherwise?

My boyfriend and my health insurance really keeps me motivated in the winter. We join our local gym -- if we go 12 times, our insurance pays for $20 each of the $30 monthly gym membership. So, money, all the way! Signing up for events also helps.

Would Pink Feet be too weird of a name?


This is quite silly, but 'Pinky and the Brains.'

That is all. x


i stay motivated by creating goals - running races, doing a challenge with my coworkers. I feed off competition :)

Madam Procrastinatia

I try to figure out what is blocking my from achieving my goals - sometimes it's plain old stinkin' thinkin' - and figure out a way around them. Also, being held accountable on my blog & with friends really gets me to push that extra bit when I feel like giving up. Happy workouts!


I stay motivated by having my daughter as a fitness buddy, we keep each other going.


I tweeted


I do the sticker motivation except I do it on my calendar--each day I work out I put up a fun Hello Kitty sticker or something - I love seeing the stickers marching across my calendar. And when I flip back through the months I see how good I was!


I'm down with all of those tips. Run a 5k is on my 30 Before 30 along with work out 3xs a week for a year (again). My blog la familia knows so now it's time for me to do it!!


I want a bedazzled shirt and a theme song! Clearly, I am on the wrong coast.

I stay motivated by always having something to train for.

kl jasus

several things motivate me to work out. rain: if it rains i usually hit the gym. coffee: enlivens my sluggish body to get moving. the mirror: one look and i'm hitting the gym, or biking my son to the park.


On days I am feeling not so motivated, I remind myself after working out I never think, "Damn, I wish I didn't do that!"

Gail K.

My motivation to workout is to keep up with my husband. He and I get up at 6:00 every day to go to the gym together. I know that neither of us would be willing to go alone, but because we go together, it makes getting up that early a little more bearable. And, we feel good the rest of the day!


working out with my husband keeps me motivated

Erin from Long Island

To stay motivated, I like to crank the music, lose myself in some sport on tv, and focus how much stronger I am getting.

Erin from Long Island




I try to make exercise fun and listen to good music. Sometimes I'll daydream while I'm exercising...it's fun and I get to escape reality for a while.


How about "We Sweat Pink" for your name, or "Pumping Up the Pink" to make it feminine but to also show how much butt you guys will kick! :)


I tweeted also:


Music is definitely my motivation. Also, the fact that I want to be healthy and fit if/when my husband and I start trying to start a family.

Jessica P

my health and desire to get healthier motivates me


I blog my weight loss progress and stay accountable for all my own actions. I keep a food journal (boooooring! I know!) and attend weekly weight watchers meetings.


I remind myself that I want to wear a bikini when we go to the lake!


I try to keep my goal in mind, and I have friends with similar goals... we made a private Facebook group to hold each other accountable and check in/whine about how we're feeling about our diet/fitness. It is great motivation!


I have friends that run, and they help keep me motivated!

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