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May 10, 2010



I think I'm a Charlotte, too. Not sure. :p


If we're talking closets... Carrie for sure. Personality is more Miranda. But, I love them all!


While I covet Charlotte's wardrobe over the other girls I don't know which one I am. I know that I am most definitely not a Samantha. I identify with Carrie's bad choices in men, Miranda's sarcasm, and Charlottes wish for a family. If I had to chose I would say I am a Carrie.

Jennifer Berthiaume

I've got the love life of Carrie, but the personality of Samantha. I could NEVER be so unattached as Samantha, though. And I would have married Aiden. I wish I were more like Charlotte, and I envy Miranda's work ethic. I think that's how it's supposed to be, every woman is a little bit of all four.


I can't wait to see this movie! Already got my tickets, front row balcony of a theater that serves drinks. Hello, champagne!

I think I'm a combination of Carrie and Miranda, for sure!


I am so Charlotte, all of my friends tell me this so there is no denying it. Her outfits are amazing and the eternal optimist personality is me as well. Yep, I am definitely Charlotte.


I think I am a mixture.... When it comes to shoes and clothes, I am definitely a Carrie. I do have some optimism and quirkiness like Charlotte and I share Miranda’s work ethic. While my Samantha is the most repressed, she does get out sometimes….


I am mostly Charlotte & definitely love her clothes the most, but I have a touch of Carrie, too! Can't wait for the next movie.


I also think Charlotte's wardrobe is the one I'd wear the most, and I can relate to her perfectionist neurosis. But I also see myself as Miranda, with her career-girl drive. So I guess I'm a mix of both.

Melissa Oklahoma

Oh this is hard for me to answer! I'm a combo of Miranda AND Charlotte. Two very opposite characters. I'm sarcastic like Miranda and at the same time I'm hopeful like Charlotte. I meet dissapointment and life's imperfections with Miranda's humor and yet I still think that relationships and life in general should go a certain way, be a certain way...like Charlotte. Such an odd combo!

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