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May 03, 2010


Sarah L

I add flavor to my life and my cooking by growing herbs. Thanks for the contest.

Sarah L

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Sarah L



I add flavor to my life by reading and learning new things!


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I add flavor to my life by making sure I spend time out in nature. Connecting with nature, whether it be camping, swimming in a lake or any other activity, adds so much flavor to my life :)!


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Scrapbooking! It reminds me of all the good times we've had together as a family. It also helps me look forward to what we may share together in the future. Coffee? Don't drink it - just tea.

Deals and reviews from a stay-at-home mother of 1

Shawna OBrien

I add flavor to my life by dedicating my life to helping people with Developmental Disabilities. Actually, they add flavor to my life. There is nothing like a beautiful and innocent heart to show you what is important in life.


Janet Carpenter

I add flavor to my life by reading..... books, blogs. I learn new things, experience adventure, so many great people share their hearts.

Janet Carpenter

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I add flavor to my day with fat-free french vanilla creamer to my hazelnut coffee each morning (yes... LOTS of flavor!)

I add flavor to my life by seeking out friends and events that are diverse from what I grew up with. My best friend is a Jewish woman 10 years older than I (a german Catholic). I love what I learn from her and the new experiences she exposes me to.


I add flavor to my life by taking chances and not being a slave to my schedule. If I want to go do something fun I do it, not agonize over the decision.


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I add a litte flavor to my life with anything sporadic random. Love impromptu road trips, shopping trips, get togethers, dinners... trips to the movies! Anything really that wasn't planned! :)

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I literally add flavor by learning different styles of cooking and also different means of knitting. I like to keep my mind and all open to new things.


good books add flavor to my life.


I try to add flavor to my life by mixing things up- going to do new things, see new places, etc. Even if it is just mixing up my workout routine one day- if that is the only 'routine' I change all day long- I have noticed it makes a difference and helps to add flavor!


I've never seen Parisian Almond Creme...need to find it...now!
I add flavor to my life by being open to new experiences. Even if it's a little scary, I'd still rather try than shy away.


I'm doing my own 30 before 30 AND this summer I'm doing a mini-tour of the East Coast to visit lots of friends and family I haven't seen in months and in some cases, years. I'm really excited! :)

Charity S.

I enjoy some me-time. I like taking walks by myself, and I love a good book.

Charity S.

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I add flavor to my life and my family's life by spontaneously planning little getaways to discover new things and attractions around us.

mattschmunk at gmail dot com


I add flavor to my life with lots and lots of flowers around me at all times!

carol y l

To my life I decorate and exercise and travel when I am not visiting my grandbabies.
Amaretto is a new treat for me!


I try to keep my life flavorful By enjoying the little things, childrens laughter, just hanging out by the fire with family and friends, Taking road trips in the summertime.I feel its the little things in life that keep it exciting.

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