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May 03, 2010



I don't drink coffee, but my work (I'm an engineer) adds flavor to my life. Most people don't realize how creative engineering is; it's not a dry subject at all, and I wake up every day excited to go to work and further my research. The systems I study help me to look at the world in a different way.


I add flavor to my life by listening to music, getting outside and (attempting to!) limiting my screen time (tv, computer, etc).

Also, by never saying no to any completely ridiculous opportunities that come along. If the answer to "would my blog readers get a kick out of this?" and the answer is yes, I pretty much have to go for it!

A Twitter User

I add flavor to my life by wearing the things I love, doing the things I love, and being with the people I love. That's really all there is to it!

Oh, and I always try to add a bit of chocolate or caramel to my coffee :)

Senora H-B

I am currently adding flavor to my life by focusing on things I want to do. It's kind of awesome!


I think teaching adds a lot of flavor to my life. It keeps me young and laughing.

My little girls and my husband add flavor to my life because they make me feel so lit up with love inside.

And, of course, my friend Janet adds flavor to my life because I never know where or what I will be doing when I am with her. : )


I definitely add flavor to life by burying my nose in books! Novels -- and my passion for them -- have connected me to so many people I would probably never know otherwise, and blogging about them is another way I spice things up for myself! :)


The flavor and spice in my life comes from arguments with my husband. No, not fighting, I mean debating. We love to discuss issues and current affairs, and we love it when we get each other to see sides to the debate that they haven't seen before, and point out errors in each other's reasoning. Our conversations stimulate each other's minds, not (just) bodies! And when things get a bit overheated, making up afterwards is twice as sweet :)


I blogged about this giveaway:



I add flavor to my life by looking for the beauty in things (and not just through the eye of my camera, which goes everywhere I do!). There is a comfortable flavor in watching the sunrise over the pond in my backyard, an exotic spice in traveling somewhere or doing something I have never done before; there's sweetness in kissing my babies, and minty-ness in a cool, refreshing dip in the water. Life is so varied in flavor, you just have to stick your tongue out and taste it.--- and I agree: take BIG bites!



I add flavor to my life by enjoying as much time with my boys as I can! I love being able to see the new things they discover or find out they can do!


I add flavor by trying new exotic recipes

Blue Girl

We love to bake in our household, so there are always flavors of vanilla and cinnamon wafting throughthe air

Blue Girl


Dawn P.

I love this topic!

I add flavor to my life with LOTS of laughter!

(and add flavor to my coffee with one pack of hot chocolate and Coffee Mate's French Vanilla creamer - it's your own MochaVanillaChino)!


We LOVE flavored creamer


Happy Fun Pants

I add flavor to my life by wearing funky socks. Each day, I wear my business casual attire, but with my funky socks. :) My co-workers almost never see them and I feel great knowing that I'm breaking free from the "normal" mode...even if no one sees it.

My favorite styles of socks? Argyles, stripes, and polka dots. :)


My horses add all the flavor and excitement I need.


I add flavor by trying to always say yes to adventures (big and small), no matter how busy I am or how tempting it is to stay home on the couch.


I love to try new things, whether it's a enrolling in a fun class or a trying a hard new recipe. Variety is the spice of life!


My kids definitely add flavor to my life. Often, I see things differently when I am talking with them (especially the little ones).

Johannah B

I had boys, they added all the flavor I needed to my existance ~~ and keep doing it day by day.

Nita B

I like to add coffeemate hazelnut to flavor my coffee.

Kayla Smith

This is how I add flavor to my life and this is how I BLOG about it: http://kaylakayallday.blogspot.com/search?updated-min=2010-01-01T00%3A00%3A00-08%3A00&updated-max=2011-01-01T00%3A00%3A00-08%3A00&max-results=25


I like to add flavor to my life by trying out new cuisines.

Jill H.

I add flavor to my life by dancing and laughing every day!

Jill H.




I add flavor by walking my dog, feeding the feral cats and by starting a garden. My 'things to do list' would be very long now :) I am an old woman!


tweeted-I am @tannawings


I add flavor to my life by snuggling with my husband and puppies. Man, makes me feel good

Jennifer B

my riding my bike down nature trails. I love it and feel so great after. It adds lots of flavor to my life


I add flavor to my life by trying to get out and take walks as often as possible and explore the great outdoors!


I add flavor by changing up my makeup and especially eye makeup, every day use a new color or have fun and do a smokey eye! different looks are so much fun!


i add flavor by taking alot of chances in my like and my finances





Music & appreciating nature adds flavor to my life.




Maggie @ Tethered Mommy

I add flavor to my life by eating Mexican food! Nothing better than that spice. :)

Maggie at tethered mommy dot com

Christine S.

I LOVE your attitude! like standing at the top of the world - with your arms open wide - yelling at the top of your lungs "give me all you've got!" WOOOHOOOO!

Let's see I am 45 now - pre kids - I was about travel, people and places. I was the one dancing on top of the table, willing to eat strange and unusual food, dancing in the rain, bungee jumping, facing whatever fears I had head on! Life was meant to be SAVORED!

With kids - not a lot of chances to walk on the wild side, more the mom side LOLOL but flavor in life came in my children's laughter, the feel of the little arms around my neck, the kisses in the morning, just because and each night before bed. Their personal achievements, life through their eyes, the way they colored the world with their honesty and willingness to see beyond the norm.

With teenagers and twenty somethings now - a little more time I have I think to commit to myself once again. I am just finding out who "I am" now. All that I want to be. I've endured much, survived even more and come out to the other side with a greater appreciation for all that is. Maybe it's time for a list, much like yours, I'll be 46 in July.... maybe 46 things I'd like to do.... maybe I should start on that list now. :)


I add flavor with friends. They make me smile.


I add flavor to my life through playing adult kickball! It's a silly sport, so it's hard to take yourself too seriously while running around on the National Mall!


I try to never say 'no' to an opportunity to do something I've never done before! Common sense, legality and safety all do come into play, and sometimes must stop me from doing anything silly, of course, but within reason I try to always go for it!

I also believe that a Life well lived calls for at least a little Adventure. That's why I try to live in different places as often as practical and possible. I've now lived in several different cities, and have lived on three different continents. I love to absorb a place's language, food and customs...that's really how I add flavor to my life!

And for my coffee? That's simple. CoffeeMate, of course! The Hazelnut flavor is my weakness. I can't start the day without it!

h4schaffer at gmail dot com

Emily N

I add flavor by exploring different genres of music. I am always open to checking out a new band or style of music I don't usually listen to.


I add flavor to my life by always being open to the changes that life brings!


I add flavor to my life by crafting and pursuing my etsy shop and other hobbies!


cdziuba@aol.com I add flavor to my life by volunteering in animal rescue, and taking in foster kittens.


cdziuba@aol.com I tweeted http://twitter.com/cdziuba/status/13807993651


My twins boys add all of the flavor to my life. I love Coffee Mate holiday flavors.

denise_22315 at yahoo dot com

Joanne Schultz

Hazelnut in my coffee is the best!! It helps start mornings off great!
I add flavor to my life by playing the lottery! It's a race whether I find a job before i win the lottery or not!
Thanks for the giveaway!


I add flavor to my life by giving into my impulses on a whim.

barbara wright

I have lots of interests to keep my life flavorful. I love to cook, garden, embroider, read, play piano, and I am currently learning to digitize embroidery designs so I can make my own. And I try to keep up with technology so I know what's going on with my kids (although I STILL don't see why texting is fun... or even desirable!)

barbara wright

I tweeted http://twitter.com/bsw529/status/13822869340


I add flavor by trying to push my boundaries. I have a lot of them and I do my best to test them daily. I am surprising myself quite often.



Ashley S

I add flavor to life by always having fun. Whether with the kids I take care of, going out with friends, having a cookout with family, or just staying home with my boyfriend...I am always having fun and am always happy!


Ashley S

Tweeted it http://twitter.com/smash906/status/13864502991

Jean D.

I add flavor to my life by telephoning friends. Yes, that sounds simple, but sometimes I really have to push myself to break out of my own head, my isolated world. I try to call different people each day, so I keep a broad base of support. It's good for me to hear what's happening in other people's lives, so I don't take myself so seriously.

Great giveaway. Thanks!

Jean D.

Tweeted you!

Sarah - PS Mom Reviews

I add personal flavor to my life in the hobbies that I pursue. I love taking time to knit and crochet, to create something beautiful for someone else.

Amanda A

I add flavor to my life by playing with my two boys and trying new things with them. They look at things with a different perspective than I have, and it is so refreshing!


Bikram yoga. 26 yoga poses in a 105 degree room.

Mikki M

Flavor in one word...?

HAZELNUT. period. no discussion for me....especially Coffee Mate's. Every morning...my snuggly boys and my happy cup.

Deb Anderson

There’s nothing that makes me feel more relaxed and special than sipping a cup of flavored coffee while sitting in the porch swing watching hummingbirds at the feeder. But not just any flavored coffee. My absolute favorite is Coffeemate Amaretto! In fact I’m enjoying a cup right now. :) Coffee just isn’t coffee without Coffeemate, and Amaretto adds that little touch of variety and luxury that makes it all mine. I keep a stock of it at all times, both liquid and powder. Love it!!

Deb Anderson

tweeted http://twitter.com/tnshadylady/status/14099591229


I like spending time with family and friends. Our dogs add a lot of flavor to my life also


Cinn. Bun and Vanilla nut are great but I LOVE the seasonal Caramel Apple the most!


I am a member of the brew crew team and I add flavor to my life each day with a cup of coffee flavored wet coffee mate hazelnut or French vanilla. While drinking a cup of coffee each day flavored with my favorite coffee mate cream I get a lot of energy to complete my morning exercise using my stationary bike. Depending on my mood I have many flavors to choose between using the coffee made flavored creams.

Diane H

It has been raining here for 3 straight days-not exactly May weather. But I got up this morning and fixed a cup of Kona coffee with Coffee-Mate Coconut Cream and pretended it was a beautiful summer day. Sometimes the flavor we add to like is how we embrace where we are and who we are. Today I am loved and important and that deserves a celebration.

karen p

I add flavor to my life by always being willing to try new things


I add flavor to my life by going out and exploring new things. New clubs, museums, and listening to new songs



blogged; http://sweetqt.wordpress.com/2010/05/19/giveaways-from-blogher/



tweet http://twitter.com/shopgurl/status/14283710188


Betty N

I don't drink coffee but my grandkids add a lot of flavor to my life

Betty N

blogged here


I don't drink coffee...but to my life, I add flavor by reading all kinds of books, a little each day


i try to add flavor to my life by taking fun classes when i can

Rosie Girl

I add flavor to my life by having kids. A matter of fact, I just found out, three's the perfect amount of flavor for me. No more flavor, please! Just kidding.
And, I'm not a coffee drinker. Though I do love me a chocolate-y mocha. Thanks!


my favorite way to add flavor to my life is by changing things up regularly. Every few years, I try to make one big change in life. I also make little changes through the year. Sometimes just a change of the art on the walls or a different haircut, and sometimes pursuing a new hobby.

Debra F

I'm a teacher working with over 100 teenagers each day, so I have a ton of flavor in my life! As for my coffee, the Chocolate Raspberry is the most amazing flavor and I have it every afternoon in my coffee. Thanks for the great giveaway.


Hmmmm.... I add flavor by enjoying lots of outdoor time. Tapping into the creative part of me that I suffocated years ago and taking LOTS of pictures, finding my own "style" in my home. I've been married with a home of my own now for going on 9 years, and I'm just now figuring out how I want it to look so that it is a perfect reflection of me and my family!


Instead of going to the few same awesome restaurants, I use Yelp.com a lot to look for new and different restaurants to go to. But, one of my favorite activities (2x a year) is San Francisco's Dine About Town! A chance to try some established and up-and-coming restaurants - around $35 for a 3-course dinner!

And, of course, ferreting out new places to eat often means traveling to new places too. My favorite way to do that, even as tiring as it is, is driving. I love taking the roads not often taken and figuring out how to get somewhere without 100% depending on directions. I recently got a car w/ AWD so I can't wait until I have some time to get out into nature!

As for coffee, I am a huge fan of Vietnamese iced coffee (coffee, sometimes the kind with chicory, add condensed milk, pour over ice)! That stuff is super strong and is definitely a great pick me up :)

OK, no more procrastinating...back to the MBE review :(


I try to be spontaneous as much as I can as a natural planner type person! LOL I will suggest weekend road trips on a Saturday morning or surprise my hubby with his favorite meal when he doesn’t expect it. May not seem like much, but for me its a lot! LOL


I add flavor to my life by volunteering and simply meeting new people.


It may seem simple, but I take all country roads on my 22 mile commute each week day morning. I could take the interstate all the way in, but I hate the interstate and its boring and crowded. By taking backroads, I see deer, fields of flowers, birds, etc. Its gorgeous and relaxing both going to and from work.


I add flavor to my life by trying new things. Either learning something new or trying a new kind of food.


I add flavor to my coffee with the Hazelnut creamer from Coffeemate! I add flavor to my life by striving to see the humor and the positive in every situation :)


Flavor in my life comes from experiencing life through the eyes of my 3yr old. I'm constantly amazed at how he sees things- it seems so odd but makes so much sense!


I add flavor to my life with my mobile photobooth. My husband built it for me and we rent it out at special events. It is so much fun watching guests capture a happy moment! They're truly timeless.


I add flavor to my life by creating something every single day. As for my coffee, I use Cinnamon Vanilla Creme Coffee Mate..it's my absolute favorite!


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I tweeted here: http://twitter.com/FotoMacro/status/14971067364


I add flavor with colors, different fragrances and clothing styles, and I like to learn new things all the time, like how to cook new dishes or speak new languages. Gotta mix it up! ;) Thanks!


I tweeted too:


I flavor up my day with a good playlist and my coffee with hazelnut coffeemate! :)

Julie Cutshaw

I add flavor to my life each day by starting out with my favorite taste of french vanilla coffee mate in my coffee then my day gets added flavor by knowing I get to see my only 6yr old grandson who is my best flavor in life at my golden age
sewitupjulie at gmail dot com


I add flavor to my life by listening to music and spending time outdoors with my dh.

runningmatey at hotmail dot com




runningmatey at hotmail dot com


If I had to pick the way I add the most flavor to my life,it would have to be mixing coffeemate flavors in my daily dose of caffeine according to my mood.Today might be a caramel-vanilla with hazelnut kind of day,tomorrow might be creme brulee with french vanilla.The best thing is,the possibilites are almost endless!Wouldn't you love to add this much flavor to your life??


I add flavor by reading books--adventures are cheap and cozy on the ouch when I don't have time/money to go on 'real' adventures!


I like hazelnut creamer and sometimes I make a pot of coffee with a stick of cinnamon in it, to spice things up! I add flavor to my life by trying new and different recipes every week.

Amanda D

So many things. Reading, music, painting, crafts, gardening, each brings me a different flavor...

Thank you for the opportunity!

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