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November 30, 2009


sensibly Sassy

ahhh this giveaway has my name written all over it! I hope I win I hope I win I hope I win!!!! Oh and I twittered about it here: http://twitter.com/SensiblySassy


I'd add fake moustaches to the mix to make the perfect parisian party!


Love that bag!
Blow up balloons and put party favors inside them. Guest have to pop them balloons to get a prize.



I wouldn't say this is a *festive party idea* but I love to collect wine corks from parties/dinners I attend. I write the date and event on the cork and place it in a large glass bowl in my home office.

I love the Paris bag... where can I get one?



festive party idea? Always comes from the music and the food - mulled wine and holiday music always makes for a festive party :D

also i tweeted about it :) http://twitter.com/missheidi

(p.s. 4/12/83 = my birthday) :)


At holiday parties, I like to have ornaments to give away as favors - it's even better if I can make them myself!

My birthday is 1/15/80 :)


My birthday is 7/25/86. My festive party idea is to a take a large bit of newsprint and tape it to a wall or lay it down on a table where nothing food or drink related will be. Add a couple markers, date the paper and write something requesting that everyone leave their mark.


Festive Party Idea: dress up as either Santa, Mrs. Claus, or an elf for a holiday party. 10/13/75


Blogged about this:



Apples to Apples is my favorite way to get people interacting!


the key to a successful party: plenty of booze -- and pretty glassware to serve it in. 9/3/1978


Have a Christmas theme party - and no, not an ugly sweater party. Do a luau (Hawaiian Christmas) or Happy Christmas (set up your house like an inviting pub).

Annette D

We have had several "progressive diners" for holiday parties. It is really so much fun to get to visit several people's homes decorated for Christmas, We even had a bus to take us from house to house!


Chocolate dipped strawberries add an extra bit of festivity to any gathering. 11/22/1957


I went to a Vampire Ball recently that was really fun! We all dressed up and they had fangs there for us to where.

Oh, and my birthday is 8/25/1976


Ohhhh everything is reminding me how FABULOUS paris is lately! I would have to add some creme brulee to the mix of course (you know, picked up from a bakery who knows how to do such things well ;) ) and maybe require everyone to wear santa hats. Since thats pretty festive. And cute, right? Birthday is 5/4/1982


I love the Parisian life! I also recommend Apples to Apples. This is bound to start conversations. My birthday is 6/20/87.


A festive party idea would be a hot chocolate party. Or really a hot drink party to warm up during these cold days. Get together with some friends. Everyone brings a different kind of chocolate bar or maybe a hot drink idea (Conelazo for me). The drinks are made and sipped and maybe even a good movie, game, or conversation is included in the festive atmosphere.

I love this post and all the fun party ideas!

My bday is 9/28/80.


chocolate covered apples are great treats for the guests

dob 3/27/73


I had a Hello Kitty part for my 21st birthday, because I'm an adult like that. Everyone dressed up as cats and we all drank white russians!



We had a wine tasting party where we had a guest speaker. Everyone had score sheets for the wine, but by the middle of the tasting we were giving everything 10s.

I would like to have a What would Emma Pillsbury Wear party?


My favorite party hors d'oeuvres are these REALLY easy gorgonzola & fig jam canapes. Everyone gobbles them up. Even picky eaters (because I don't tell them what the ingredients are until they've tasted them). http://www.verbict.com/2009/11/02/eat-easy-holiday-entertaining-from-a-martha-stewart-wannabe/

Dawn P.

A couple of my party ideas include having a Miss America Pajama Party. Have all of your girlfriends over. Everyone wears a tiara and watches the pageant in their jammies and writes down their top 5 picks as the candidates introduce themselves. It would be another great occasion to serve ArborMist Sparkle!

Another possible occasion for the ArborMist Sparkle would be to have a Wedding Reception Party! It's a great time for everyone to wear those horrible bridesmaids dresses that they would have no other occasion to ever wear again! You get to have wedding cake and dance to the YMCA, The Chicken Dance, The Electric Slide and do every other cliched wedding reception thing all over again!



I always like the gift swap - everyone brings a gift to the party and then picks a number upon their arrival. Once it's time to exchange gifts, you pick a wrapped package according to your number. Even gifts that are already chosen (and unwrapped) are fair game. It makes being last in line a good thing for a change!

Jen W.

I want to have a chocolate party one of these days. Fountains with white/milk/dark chocolate for dipping anything dip-able! Cookies, fruits, pretzels, nuts, mmm :) 12/7/82


Champagne, of course! I'm not just saying this because of the Arbor Mist--I ALWAYS have champagne/sparkling wine at any gathering, whether the girls are over for an informal dinner & American Idol viewing, or a dinner party with 10 of our closest couple-friends...I don't wait for a "special occasion" for champagne--every day is reason enough to celebrate, right?! The other fun party trick I have is fresh-out-of-the-oven-make-your-own-shortcake that people go NUTS about every.single.time! The shortcake on the side of the Bisquick box is so easy to make--you could even do it ahead of time--then just pop it in the oven once dinner is finished, and 25 minutes later you have perfect, golden, hot shortcakes! I usually have a variety of toppings--strawberries, peaches, berries, and homemade whipped cream. It's so SO easy, but my guests always think I'm Martha Stewart! 8/2/82

Ashley Sweren

Great giveaway! As for festive party ideas, I love any party with a salad bar concept, like a hot chocolate bar with lots of yummy syrups and toppings, or a mashed potato martini bar with mashed potatoes served in martini glasses and a slew of fun ways to top them! b-day: 10/30/78.


festive party ideas....CUPCAKES!!! always festive
DOB 9 26 83

MFA Mama

I'd include some sample-sized vials of fabulous French fragrances. And of course a copy of The Sun Also Rises, just because.

Does my use of assonance and alliteration get me anywhere closer to winning? Because that's kind of the sum total of my graduate degree in fiction right there.

DOB: 9/11/79


LOVE the bag! And Arbor Mist! 8/3/73
My party tip: candles & decorations EVERYWHERE, including the loo. Everyone looks better in candlelight, and your house does too!


Festive party idea: chocolate fountain with fresh fruit!


Deb on the Rocks

I love parties that include cooking in the party. It's so much more fun that way. Someone always pretends they are Julia, too! "More Butter!"
Gosh, really, my whole birthday? 2/6/64. Yikes.


Festive idea: Smoked turkey for Thanksgiving. Its a little late but my friend got a smoker for his birthday this year and that's what we did. 7/7/88. I'm so excited I can finally enter.

Jennifer Berthiaume

I'm all about having board game night. Add the right amount of alcohol and a game like Cranium or Quelf [which is my new favorite game ever!] and you'll have a house full of hysterical laughter. And it's cheap!


I love doing fondue. Is that so seventies?

My birthday is 9/14/1985. Whoa. . . I AM under twenty five :)


Game night!!!

DOB 9 26 83

mjharvey26 at yahoo dot com

Jessie C.

What a great party idea you have! I LOVE Proust!!
I've always loved theme parties from girls night (with all grily stuffs),game night to PJ night. Bookworms night is good as well!
Tcarolinep at gmail dot com

Jessie C.

Tcarolinep at gmail dot com

Jessie C.

Tcarolinep at gmail dot com


My festive party idea -- a cookie decorating contest! At a holiday party my friends and I threw last year, we set out plain sugar cookies and a table full of sprinkles, frosting in different colors, and icing tubes. It was a lot of fun to see what our friends came up with, and of course you can never go wrong w/ cookies loaded with frosting!

Bday- 9/18/82


Ideas: Lots of color...napkins, plates, centerpieces, foods, desserts and fun colorful drinks!

DOB 9-25-1982

artisticbaker at gmail dot com

Kimberly/Mom in the City

Living in NYC, we have a wide variety of friends. International pot-lucks are a favorite party theme. 5/21/73


Definitely the ugly holiday sweater party is a favorite! Fingers crossed. 9/25/79.


I would totally do a Welcome Back to the Island, friends for when Lost returns for its final reason. It would have beautifying aspects too!






oops the comment before was twitter!

here is the blo entry 3/25/86





[email protected]


I would love to have a roaring 20s party. Great dresses, wigs, fun music and a great time!



Always need the board game Apples to Apples (it's been mentioned, but I wholeheartedly agree!), and we've been doing Fondue parties constantly ever since we purchase an electric fondue pot (I highly recommend!)

Blue Girl

colorful everything

DOB 9-26-83

[email protected]

Mommy Daisy

I just love having holiday get-togethers. The house is already decked out, and I can make snacks and appetizers and serve with great drinks.


Aimee W.

With our family and friends, we have recently started a Gourmet Club. Each month, a different person hosts a Saturday night casual dinner party. The host decides upon the theme and the menu. He/she then sends out a recipe to each of the guests. By having everyone bring a dish, the host is not overwhelmed with all of the cooking. On the Saturday after New Year's, we will be having our third month's dinner. So far, our little Gourmet Club has been a HUGE success. We have all such a great time getting together and trying all different types of food!

DOB: 2/14/1976

Aimee W.

* Tweet *

DOB: 2/14/1976


At this time of year one of my favorite festive parties is a Christmas cookie exchange. It is a great way to end up with lots of different cookies, try new ones and share time with your friends. 11/17/59

jenny b

My friends and I have a tradition we've done for years now called a Kabob. We all get together at one friends house and have a bon fire. Everyone bring their own meat to cook over the fire and a side dish. We have a great time just hanging out and drinking some adult beverages. It's great.


Jeanette Huston

My festive party idea is the veggie plate;-) Yummy!

DOB 09-19-1979

Jeanette Huston

I blogged the giveaway here


DOB 09-19-1979

Jeanette Huston

I tweeted this giveaway here


DOB 09-19-1979


Hmm...Festive? I love doing those "Ugly Christmas Sweater" themed parties. I usually hit up the Salvation Army and buy extras, just in case someone comes without one.



I think a great festive party idea would to be to have a kind of opposites thing like winterwonderland in July or a Luau for Christmas something like that!



I tweeted!


Carolyn G

I always theme my parties. It's so much easier to then make everything fantastic. My tip is to always have more food then you need. I find people sometimes bring their friends so it;s no good if you run out.


Carolyn G

tweeted http://twitter.com/carogonza/status/6933240502

Carolyn G

blogged http://theartofrandomwillynillyness.blogspot.com/2009/12/blogher-arbor-mist-and-more-chances-to.html

catherine copeland

ah how are you gonna keep 'em down on the farm after they've seen paris? I think I'd include a movie that features Paris as a backdrop like Breathless (Richard Balducci)

Rendezvous In Paris [VHS] VHS Clara Bellar


Everyone Says I Love You DVD ~ Alan Alda

soha molina

Festive party idea: Lots of Blackeyed Peas music and wine and more wine.


[email protected]

Anna S.

i would definitely add some old school french movies (comedy or romance!) or even Coco Avant Chanel :)


wine/dessert parties are my favorite!

Sharon R

We always have a Christmas Eve party and that is when we put up our tree. All of ur guests help put the decorations on the tree.


Sharon R




Holiday themed homebrew--my best so far is a pumpkin beer for thanksgiving.

Charity S.


I would host a "A Day in History" party. Thanks

charisscharity at yahoo dot com

Charity S.




charisscharity at yahoo dot com

Lindsey Lindsay

One of my favorite birthday parties involved a taco bar, a margarita machine, and hours of Catch Phrase! :o)

My birthday is 6/4/82

Shawna OBrien

My festive party idea is a tropical island theme that includes soaking in an outdoor hot tub, torches, fruit platter, beautiful tropical flowers, soft rock music and very fun an relaxing atmosphere.

[email protected]

Shawna OBrien


[email protected]

Julie Cutshaw

my festive party idea would be a mexican theme party with straw hats, lots of chips & salso mexican music pinyatas to bust for fun
my DOB 3/22/60
sewitupjulie at gmail dot com

Julie Cutshaw

my tweeted link
sewitupjulie at gmail dot com


I think a Second Childhood party would be fun. Dress in PJs, bring your favorite stuffed animal, playy cheesy tenager movies, that sort of thing. Thanks for the gret giveaway!



Anne G

My festive party idea is to decorate clothes. This is what my 13 year old is planning, we will tye dye t-shirts and decorate jeans. And of course do manicures. We won't serve any arbor mist though, I'll keep that for after all the girls leave, I'm sure I'll need it by then.

dob 3/5/1965

Anne G

I blogged

dob 3/5/1965

Anne G

I tweeted

dob 3/5/1965

Karen B

My idea of a festive party is to have the people that mean the most to you the closest and Christmas music playing lightly in the background with candles lit. Perfect and relaxing for a stressful time of year.

MY DOB: 12/05/1972


DOB 08/11/1973
For me, the most festive thing you can do at a party is hang up lots of bright vivid LED lights, like the kind you use for the holidays. We hang them up at every party and just theme the colors to match the party theme...like green and orange for Halloween!


I tweeted this giveaway here: http://twitter.com/FotoMacro/status/7195507767


I think that decor is a HUGE thing in making a party. I always make all my own decorations and EVERY party has a theme! I also try to make my parties unpredictably themed. One year I had a Canada Day party (and I am not Canadian), a Chinese New Year party, etc. Switch it up!


tweeted and forgot DOB last time 8-6-71

Julie Cutshaw

my blog post link to this contest
sewitupjulie at gmail dot com

Cheryl F.

What's more festive than a New Year's celebration? Everyone in their party finery would enjoy Arbor Mist sparkling wines before the midnight chimes champagne. We'd sate our palates on fine food snacks like pate, brie, water crackers, shrimp cocktail, and hot crab dip :) {7/11/59} *Thanks* for the giveaway!

Cheryl F.

Tweeted - http://twitter.com/TheLuckyLadybug/status/7206962060

Cheryl F.

Blogged - http://theluckyladybug-giveaways.blogspot.com/2009/12/1231-arbor-mist-visa-gift-card-giveaway_5678.html


One festive party idea is a tropical island party. We just have tropical themed foods and decorations.

[email protected]



[email protected]


tweet http://twitter.com/shopgurl/status/7219966078

[email protected]


DOB- 09/11/1981

A stiletto party where we wear a great pair of heels that we rarely have a chance to wear! Everyone walks on the "runway" and people vote for their favorite pair of shoes!


tweeted: http://twitter.com/princessla66/status/7224302510


I'd suggest a party decorated with fake colorful sushi rolls. Real ones will be served as party treats. Thanks for the giveaway!

Crystal Hamilton

I would invite some friends over for a "girl's only" party with Arbor Mist and Belgian Chocolate for the party. Lotions and Shower gels for take home gifts, and I would buy some beading materials and nail polish so that we could make bracelets and then paint our nails while gossiping! This would be followed by a chick flick (27 Dresses is my facorite). : )
Dob: 07/28/1983

Crystal Hamilton

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