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February 08, 2009



I loved Barbies as a kid! Fun memories...


You should submit this to the Barbie website. It was so eloquent that it almost made me tear up. My Barbies might have only lived in a Barbie motorhome and they might have worked at Barbie McDonalds, but they were always classy and always fashionable.

Erin C.

Hahaha. What fun to think of modern career-minded Barbie compared to the original pre-women's lib (OPWL) Barbies. My OPWL Barbie and Midge didn't have Ken to hang with, but my brother's GI Joe sometimes paid a visit. Barbie and Midge lived together in a Barbie Dream House and traded clothes, but their wardrobe was good and plentiful. That's all they did. I don't think they fought over GI Joe. :)


i to remember loosing then going places without shoes

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