Let me know when you want to go to the Getty Villa! It's super close to us, so if you want company, Brian and I will be there with bells on (but quiet ones, so we don't get kicked out)! :)


Those all look so fun!


Sounds like fun! I posted my own list on my blog too, and I'm looking forward to completing it!


you inspired my 30 before 30 list. plus, without yours i would have never known about sky high (which i hunted down while at a conference in sacramento). thank you. glad to see you're carrying on with 31 news things. ..and also glad to see entry no. 26. as a cartographer, it warms my heart.

enjoy your blog.

Taking the California bar is on my list as well!! Ahh bar studying - lame.

And actually, maybe I will steal some of the Davis activities from your 31 before 31 list. I'm going to be living in Davis this summer to study for the bar.

Find a job is on my list too. Damn to shortage of jobs for lawyers!

Thanks for your comment yesterday! I also committed to completing three things in March.

I am loving your lists! They give me more ideas for wonderful things to do.


Please send me some of #17 so that I can test out their edibleness (edibility?).


The only thing Claire likes better than painting pottery might be Janet. She is going to be SO excited!


I am going to liberally steal from this list when creating my own later tonight. :)


ooh, I want to make Fleur de sel caramels too. Maybe when Lent is done . . .

Stephanie Court

Very nice list! ;)


Oh I hope you get something published. I think it is fair to say there are several of us that would absolutely love to read what ever if may be.


Here's a good website to learn country geography by playing games - cause that's the only way I like to learn anything.


Wow - just found your blog and love the fact that you accomplished most of your goals from last year! I have a 27 Before 27 list, and it's awesome to see that these things are doable, you know? Thanks for the inspiration. I think #20 is my favorite from your 31 Before 31!

Corinne Wright

I love your lists! I just started my on my own 30 Before 30 list, and I'm looking forward to an awesome 18 months before the big three-oh.

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