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April 12, 2011



That sucks! One side of my hair always falls, too. I think it has something to do with my dominant hand. You did, however, make the right choice. Good beer for the win!


that totally sucks. what did you use? when I want to try the beachy waves look, I use this texturizing spray with sea salt. I figured if it has sea salt, it must give me sea hair, right? sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. oh well.

YAY for beer!!!


I think your choice makes me like you all the more.


You look pretty no matter what!

vibram five fingers

the waves on the right side of my head completely fell out after we had already left the condo and were well on our way to the brewery.

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No, no, no, makeup at Rite Aid? Come on! Come see what Avon has to offer! Still cheap makeup but way better quality. I like your hair though. I guess the beach waves just take practice. I chopped my hair off because I was so bad at styling it. Now it just hangs.

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