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March 10, 2011


1 of your many Sarahs :]

I have a globe pencil sharpener + I wish I had a root beer scented pencil!


Delurking to say that I LOVE this. I'm equally fascinated with the "What's in ____'s Bag?" feature in Marie Claire.


Nothing says "I am a professional" like a rootbeer scented pencil. I think the real question is whether or not your globe pencil sharpener smells like rootbeer after you sharpen your pencil! : ) You are a FUN grown-up.


Martha & Oprah had the best desks. I want to do this for my blog--both my home desk and my office desk. Fun!


Awww, that's the "southern' in you... the Mason Jar full of "something" is always a southern girl staple!


ALSO, now that I have time to look at this...Martha's dog is scary. If I had a dog like that sitting at my desk, I wouldn't come to work.


Jen, I think that may be the dog that bit Martha. But I think French bulldogs are cute!

Gail Connick

It looks good and well organized Jen. However I find that table organizer a space-eater. Maybe it would be better if, you’d put it on the right side, so that it would give you more space to move around. =)

Blake Mitchell

I saw a picture of former Vice President Al Gore's home office. It was a literal sea of paper. His documents are piled taller than he is. There is very little space on his desk, I think only his laptop would fit. But he seems comfortable, and he's got that Nobel prize on his shelve. Not everyone would have that.

Tanisha Sanson

That's Oprah's desk? It looks so...ordinary. It's just like something an ordinary company manager would have at his office. The only clue that it is owned by a superstar TV host is the Emmy on the table. She should put that in a glass case. It could get damaged or lost with all that junk, haha.

Belstaff Icon Jackets

Thanks, I'm going to have nightmares tonight.

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