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February 09, 2011



We had a family friend who was in a pretty nasty car accident one day. His truck rolled and, at the end of the accident itself, he looked down and realized his hand was clutching a bible he kept in his car (someone gave it to him ages before and he'd never brought it inside or even cracked the cover). Still, he was convinced that he was saved because of that bible. My advice (since you totally asked for it)? Keep the Book around. Maybe it will come in handy.


Do you know that you can totally pay for your pizza slice at the regular check-out aisles that *do* take cards?

I discovered this one Sunday when I needed a churro super bad and had zero cash on me.


Next time I'm in your car, I will totally know where to look for Slurpie money. : ) Funny stuff.


My Book of Mormon is my husband's wallet.


Plus, if anyone ever breaks into your car, they'll never expect that you keep your cash in a BoM!


I'm mormon, and i'm totally going to use an extra BoM for this purpose. Great idea.

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