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February 15, 2011



I love the bar tour idea!


I love that you guys take separate little trips away. Right now, I only see my boyfriend on the weekends, so it's pretty much us time then. But once the semester is done and I'm back home all the time, I think getting out for a girls' weekend from time to time sounds awesome :-)

And I too love the bar tour idea. I adore appetizers and would love any excuse to sample more of them. I often just order 1-2 apps for my dinner. Yum.


I think I need to be included in a future weekend trip!


I love the bar hopping idea--a drink and appetizer at each place. Fun! I am going to do that next time I am in a different city! Or maybe even do that in Minneapolis.


Oh gosh, that was fun! You always think of the funniest things to do...hanging out with you is ALWAYS a fun adventure : )

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