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January 24, 2011


1 of your many Sarahs :]

YES! Me tooooooo! I think it's finally time to take down my mini pine tree forest in favor of my red, pink + white glitter hearts garland. :D

p.s. I JUST saw this lovely ban.do collection thanks to Oh Joy! this morning. (http://ohjoy.blogs.com/my_weblog/2011/01/its-a-party-over-here-a-party-over-there.html)


I pinky puffy heart Valentine's Day too--it's my Mom's favorite holiday, and has been handed down as one of my faves as well. :)



Oh that ban do website is cute! I want mini ban do for my girls!!!

Stacey Blouin

Well, I prefer St. Patricks Day.. I'm a greenie! So when your holiday is over, I'll be preparing for mine!


I'm buying those heart shoe clip ons...now!

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