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December 14, 2010



I have promised myself a trip to Trader Joe's before Christmas where I get to just throw it ALL into the cart. Thank you for doing some preliminary research for me.


I went through a box of those dark chocolate minty mallows alarmingly fast! So, so yummy.


You had me at peppermint.


OMG, I went to T.J.'s Monday morning and I spent $95.00 on holiday sweets! Granted, most of it will go into cute little holiday bags of goodies to augment my baking, to give to co-workers, but holy beejeezus, I've managed to work my way through several "taste" tests, and I'm almost ill. Almost. In my defense, I did buy two bottles of wine, some juice, and some oranges and apples. But, really.


Well thanks Janet, now I have to figure out a new xmas gift for you! Seriously though guys you might want to go pick these up quickly we are already starting to sell out of them.


Trader Joe's is soooo faaaaaaar! Can I just come to your house...I'll be halfway there by the time I get to Palmdale.


I want all of these, please.

You should be 300 lbs. I hate you.

(Just kidding! I still like you!)


I ate (almost) the whole box of Holiday Joe Joe's by.my.self. Ugh. They are sooo yummy.


I live an hour from the nearest Trader Joe's . . . and I still manage to go there at least once every other month (and often more). And each time I go by myself, it's like I'm stocking for the apocalypse. I have to bring my boyfriend so I don't blow my entire monthly grocery budget in one trip. I just love everything there so much! And that's not even including holiday items. Have you tried their gorgonzola crackers? Divine!


Great post. You inspired me to go to TJ's and pick up a lot of these yummy's for my holiday gift packages...however the Candy Cane Joe-Joes ice cream stays with me.


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