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December 29, 2010



I love brown wrapping with red/white string!

I'd also like to simplify Christmas myself and I think a big part of that is buying gifts throughout the year. December is just not long enough to cram in shopping for EVERYONE without going crazy.


i love the brown wrapping paper!


I've been trying to do that wrapping scheme for years now and my hubby always vetoes ... he's got a major thing for the foil wrapping paper - pretty much the other end of the spectrum, i'd say.

Operation Pink Herring

I've simplified, much to the chagrin of several family members. I... don't give gifts. I just can't. I get so worked up about it and then so angry at myself for spending so much money and getting so worked up that I just had to stop. My siblings and I pool together and get one largi-ish gift for our parents, and I have to buy gifts for my husband's family because they'd die if they knew I didn't do Christmas, but that's it. It's a wee bit anticlimactic on Christmas morning, but I'm ok with that.


I simplified a little by giving magazine subscriptions. It's the gift that keeps giving all year long. Go to the bookstore, choose magazines for each person, attach a note (or poem) about the magazine subscription. roll up the magazine and wrap like a giant piece of candy (ribbons on each end). Very easy. Occassionally I add something with the magazine - for a cooking one, I added a set of inexpenisve but cute, red ramekins.

windshield repair

The trick here is to find a thinner that has less toluene in its formula -- the less toluene, the less harm to plastic.

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