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December 16, 2010



I absolutely adore this book and re-read it often. Have you ever read "Little Men"? It is also fabulous.


The entire Anne of Green Gables series is my absolute favorite! The movies are my favorite, too. . I feel an Anne of Green Gables girls' night coming on.


Do you think that we could watch the Anne of Green Gables movies with Claire and call it her idea? I loved them.


I love all of those too :-)

Melissa Oklahoma

Those are three of my childhood favorites too. I read and re-read all of them.


I remember reading Little Women the summer I was thirteen. It is such a magical, wonderful book and it transported me to a different place altogether. Would love to read it again, sometime.


I LOVED these books. We're talking a total obsession. My friend Holly has the entire Anne of Green Gables Series on DVD - the extended version - and I think it's about time we watch it. Happy Reading!

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