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December 22, 2010



I am going to do a post on the Kiva Gift card today or tomorrow myself! Nice list, lady!


Thank you! These are good last minute ideas and the grocery store is one-stop shopping!


OOH! I hope somebody gives me cheese : )


should have added this before Christmas . . . I like DonorsChoose.org for hard to shop people. Public school teachers write in requests for things they want, and those requests get vetted and posted. Then, you search for whatever you want to support (for me, usually science and math stuff but sometimes also physical education). Great when the recipient needs nothing but has well-defined interests. For my minimalist brother who loves music, I donate money to classrooms buying rhythm stuff like drums and maracas.

Janet, I think your list would also be faboo for last minute hostess gifts. That's a bandwagon I want to jump on one of these days -- I think it's awesome to take little gifts but am never prepared to do so.

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