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December 06, 2010



I firmly believe that every IKEA dresser should come with a medal for you to wear upon completion — and especially the 8-drawer Hemnes! It's a beast. (I just bought the 3-drawer Edland and it took me over a week to finish it all, partly because of a faulty knob.)


aww I feel your pain. I hope IKEA does send you a non-defective drawer.


Awe the exact same thing happened to us. We took the undrilled piece back and got a new one. No problems.


I like it when stuff like that happens because it's an excuse to break out the power tools. I'm weird like that.


If Ikea does not send a non-defective drawer, I know a guy who is pretty handy and would happily drill 17 holes for you while you sipped wine with his wife.

The Maiden Metalllurgist

Girlfriend! You must put a cordless drill at the very top of your Christmas list. Every woman needs her own power tools.

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