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December 10, 2010



We don't eat Green Jello, but I would probably put some on my plate if someone dropped by the house with it.


No, but a church potluck isn't a church potluck without some Jello.

They usually look something like this:



My dad's family ALWAYS ate Jello salads. There was usually a big spread of them on the Fourth of July. I've been wanting to make that really cute one that is a rainbow with a layer of whipped cream between each layer...do you know that one?

1 of your many Sarahs :]

All I can think about is this book, which makes me laugh so much:



We always have strawberry jell-o with marshmallows, strawberries and bananas inside. Isn't it a Midwest thing?


My grandma makes cherry jell-o with whipped cream every family gathering just for me!


I was blessed to skip this tradition . . . until I met my boyfriend. And, to be fair, his family's salads often revolve more around marshmallows and fruit and . . . something as a binder. But one grandma does make jello salad.

It's alright. I ate some growing up at church potlucks and stuff. But I'd rather have a nice fresh fruit salad. Which, on the plus side, just means more jello salad for everyone else :-)


yes, jello was a huge part of my family growing up (and still is). i made the previously mentioned rainbow jello one year for Easter with my husband's family. it got a lot of compliments on looks, but not too many takers to try it out. now i just make them for me and for the few nephews that like the slick and tasty goodness!!


My aunt always brings a Jello with peaches made in a 11x13 pyrex casserole. Nothing at all fancy. It's actually kind of become a joke in our family that if you want Jello, ask her to bring "something."


My grammie makes the green jello salad too! We just call it the green stuff, but I love it! I really didn't know anyone else had even heard of it! Matt won't touch the stuff, which is fine because that means more leftovers for me!!! Good to know my family isn't the only one!


Are you originally from the midwest?? Green jell-o is a staple up here. My grandma actually made - this is horrible, prepare yourself - green jell-o with tuna & hard boiled eggs for my mom & sibs when they were little. Barf. Stay away from that combo and I'm sure you will be safe!!


HAHAHAHA - everyone's dirty little secret - the green jello with whipped cram,cream cheese, pineapple thing is actually yummy, but we don't want to admit it! I haven't made it in decades, but just thinking about it is dangerous...

My aunt makes something with red jello, sour cream, nuts - same idea - a vehicle for sweetness!

Then there's that organge jello thing with carrots and pineapple. We had an elderly friend who used to bring it to every event.


well, actually it's "whipped cream" - maybe the cram was a Freudian slip!


I have not had Jell-o in ages! But I like orange J-ello. And I would like the recipe for the pistachio Jell-o creation! Pistaschio anything is always delish.


Jello salads are a staple in my hometown, no matter the season or event. In fact, I made a Jello salad this weekend for my mom's birthday (strawberry, cream cheese and pretzels = delicious). Although we learned the hard way at my sister's brother-in-law's funeral that they're not so popular with the fraternity set.


I love green jello salad! My mom and I are the only ones who eat it in my family and everyone else thinks it's so weird and gross. We have it every Thanksgiving and ours has cream cheese, pineapple, and nuts and green jello of course! I just got so excited that other people know of this and eat this.

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