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November 04, 2010


Melissa Oklahoma

I'm going on a limb and saying that I think it's actually pretty cute...


Im going to go on a limb too - it's cute for holiday parties. Confesh: I have done this (the shorts with tights PLUS riding boots combo, I have pictorial proof of this) when I lived in Japan. I'll say that it started there first b/c I saw girls in 2006 rocking this look.


I LOVE shorts with tights (and boots) and always want to wear it but only sometimes am brave enough..


I am digging that cute ribbon and can appreciate that the shorts are kinda tweed-y. But! I live in the Midwest and while I'm willing to take a mild fashion risk--sadly, shorts in January with a side of pneumonia isn't worth it.

Perhaps better for your neck of the woods?


I have wholeheartedly welcomed this trend back - I loved it on Clarissa in 1991 and I love it now. I've done it with tweed wool shorts and with corduroy shorts. I live close-ish to NYC, but not THAT close, so I look a little Fashion-y, but I try to not care.


Ooh, SO cute!!

A Twitter User

...and now I want these.


...where would you be wearing these? I think that's the most important question to ask yourself. Work is probably a no-go (it seems like you have to be a little more formal than that), so if you feel that you'll have plenty of non-work places where shorts and dark tights would be acceptable: go for it!


I kinda love it. I tried on a couple pairs of tweed shorts at H&M this past weekend with this look in mind. Sadly, the THREE different cuts that I tried on were not in a size that fit me. :(

Amanda Alarcon

They've been wearing that short/tight/boots combo here in Santa Cruz since 2008 haha but there are a lot of odd balls here. I think it looks cute though.

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