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November 10, 2010



Love Love Love the shoes!

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I do it and try not to think it's gross. These were a great find, Janet!


I've bought shoes at consignment shops for halloween costumes because I refused to spend more than $5 on a pair of shoes i'd only wear once and would otherwise not be caught dead in. Also, I would buy shoes I found there for other purposes, but have never really had any luck finding cute ones. Whenever I buy something at a consignment shop, I feel the need to tell EVERYONE who compliments me how little I spent on said complimented item. (IT WAS ONLY $5!) Maybe some people think it's gross to wear used clothes/shoes, but whatever. It only cost me $5!


I'm fine with the hardly used ones. It's when someone tells me they just bought "new" running shoes at the thrift store and they look like they've already run 500 miles that my eye starts to twitch and I reach for the Purell.

Cute shoes, I love the cut-outs!



Love the shoes and I say, why not? Consignment stores are more careful--in my experience--to carry clean, well-cared for merchandise. $15 is a bargain!


Yes! If they are gently used and worn and if I absolutely love them!


i've always thought the same thing about previously worn shoes. but some of my favorites, most comfy, etc. have come from salvation army! love love love your ruby red shoes.



There is no such thing as shoes that are too red.

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