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October 25, 2010



I say keep shopping! I'm not jazzed about either but I also like fabric couches over leather ones so I may be the wrong person to ask.

A Little Coffee

I'd also keep shopping. But if you order one of the two options here, I'd go with option 1. I really like to be comfy when I'm watching TV/movies on the couch and option 2 really wouldn't do it for me. I don't really think the first option looks dated, but I think you can do better, and I also have no conception of what is currently in vogue when it comes to couches. The only thing I know is that my mother's couches that look like an English garden threw up on them? Those are not in style. That's all I got for ya.


Keep shopping! While I think #1 is the best option presented, neither of these even whisper Janet and Will to me. I mean, these couches in a house with THAT SHOWER??? I don't think so.


I agree option 1 looks dated, and reminds me of my friend's parents who had shag carpeting and commerative plates on the walls in their living room. I also go with option 3.

Like Jen, I prefer fabric-covered sofas, so that's all I really know recommendation-wise. But I would strongly advise you to try to figure out a way to not buy online – maybe a weekend trip up or down the coast to IKEA or West Elm? You really don't know how a couch will feel until you sit on it, and it would be terrible to end up with something uncomfortable.


I would go with Acona if I needed to buy now. Not sitting on a couch before you buy is, to me, dangerous.


Hmmm...I do think option 1 looks a bit dated and option 2 seems okay. I vote for keep shopping and perhaps seeing if you can find a Costco that has one you can sit on.

Good luck couch shopping!


Hmmm...either go with option 1 and get a couple of really great throws to toss over the back, or keep shopping...do you have a Penney's? I love Penney's furniture-- it is pretty reasonably priced and has a pretty simple style.


Have you tried American Signature furniture? They have nice stuff at GREAT prices. I saw some leather couches with cleaner, more modern lines. Good luck!


Home Sweet Sarah

I WANT to help you by voting for either one or two, but I can't! Do you have an Ashley (or something comparable) in your area? That's where we buy a lot of our furniture. It's nice enough that you don't have to put anything together yourself, but not like, Thomasville nice (and price!)


Did you know that IKEA actually makes what I would call "REAL" furniture?

Full disclosure: I love and worship IKEA. But let's be honest -- some of their items aren't made to last.

A perhaps little-known secret is that they have a "real" furniture collection called IKEA Stockholm. It's much nicer (and correspondingly much pricier). I splurged on one IKEA Stockholm chair when I moved into my new place, and boy, was it worth it.

They don't even let you pick up the Stockholm stuff in the self-serve warehouse... you have to give an IKEA employee a special ticket so they can go retrieve your items from the super-secret-employees-only part of the store.

Like I said, REAL furniture.


Of course, if Swedish style isn't your thing, then this all doesn't matter. But take a look if it is.

Also, for some comic relief during the furniture shopping process: http://catalogliving.net/

Have fun!!


I haven't bought anything, but have a friend who swears by Furniture Geek: http://www.furnituregeek.com/store/product.php?productid=10339&cat=79&page=2

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