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October 14, 2010



I didn't see Buster Posey until the playoffs, but I immediately had the same reactions as you... love the name, became instant fan, and... is he 12?

I turned on the game right after he had collided with their ginormous third baseman on a catch, and when he went back behind the plate the umpire was all concerned for Buster. It was adorable.


He looks a little like a young Will. We are hoping for a Yankee/Giants World Series.


When I saw your title, I thought it was going to be about Parker Posey. Because, seriously, who wouldn't want to cheer for her?

Buster Posey is a pretty sweet name as well. Even if he is about 12.


Nothing makes me more sad than realizing that, at 28, all my popcrushes are now younger than me. Okay, maybe a few things make me more sad. Like melted ice cream.

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