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October 13, 2010



Cheese. Or chocolate. Or anything else that you find particularly yummy. You can learn about the making of, origins, differences in tastes or preparation. You can cap off the month with a party featuring the object of your new found knowledge.


Ooh, I like Stephanie's idea. Or wine!

Or calligraphy! Or letterpress!


Wine AND cheese pairings. That way, you will have an awesome cocktail party at the end of the month.


simple sewing?
Old movies?
Growing an herb garden?


How about learning 30 (or 31) new yoga poses?


I love the idea of something cooking oriented. I would happily learn about your pie, cheese, sushi, or canning extravaganzas. but I know you don't love to cook, so I also offer:

- video game mastery (joking)
- tree identification (seriously, it makes you feel badass)
- rock identification (difficult but interesting, and also makes you feel pretty cool)
- animal identification/classification (involves trips to the zoo! what is related to what?)
- birding

okay, I am obviously biased. But the other active things I might suggest, like learning art styles, are something you likely wrapped up awhile ago in your major. The above list is all stuff I'm pretty decent at. If we lived anywhere nearby each other, I would totally help you. As it is, I can still e-help you (or anyone else who wants to learn about nature)


I like the idea of origami. Especially with pretty paper!


You could try to learn needle tatting! It's super simple, I learned how to do it in a few days and you can make really pretty things really simply!


I like the idea of doing something food related! Just a fair warning though, learning about and making delicious food may lead to some weight gain lol. I think I gained about 10 lbs during my first semester of culinary school, but it was totally worth it :)


Ooh. Hmm. How about a very small scale sewing project? Like turning knee socks (cool knee socks) into leg warmers? Lots of tutorials out there and who doesnt love leg warmers?


I agree w/the idea that the topic should be something you study for 30 days, and then there is some celebratory culminating event.

What about picking a sport (could be mainstream like American football, or something less popular like polo)? You could study all the positions, plays, strategies . . . then, at the end of the month, attend an event + provide informed analysis.

If you learn to crochet or knit (or some other craft), you'll also have handmade gifts for the holidays--win win!

You could become an expert on a particular author. Read a bio + then all of his/her books, and then (again) provide informed analysis. ;]

So fun--can't wait to see how this project unfolds!

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