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September 24, 2010



This TOTALLY sounds like something that would happen to be. So far, I am in luck - there is only one drawer in our kitchen and there is no drawer pull on it.


on the plus side, your kitchen is cute! The gas stove is also so lovely.

Melissa Oklahoma

Oh goodness, how funny!
Also, your kitchen is pretty cute.
Did the meal turn out a success despite the mishap?


Nobody bothered to pour you a glass of wine to drink while they saved your hand from the drawer? Seriously?

This is why I need to live closer.

Ben Draper

I recently got my arm stuck between my bed and my headboard, trying to reach for a fallen book. I don't recall exactly how I got out; I just remember panicking and thinking, somewhat irrationally, that we might have to call the fire department for help.


That would totally happen to me. Last time I locked myself out of my apartment I turned to my boyfriend and said, "Things like this seem to happen to me a lot don't they?" And he said, "Like when the toll road arm came down on your car and broke off? Yes, yes they do."

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