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August 10, 2010



I desperately want to know what this fabulous item was!


I love selling my stuff on craigslist when I like the people who are taking it. Not so much when I decide I don't like them very much. :p

sensibly Sassy

What did this darling little gal walk away with?

Melissa Oklahoma

So I want to know two things... Where are you moving to? And I'm sure you'll miss your pretty bike riding community!

AND... What did the little girl buy?


Those are my questions too--kind of!

WHEN are you moving & what item did the little girl receive?

My only experience was when I gave away my lavender floral/yellow couch. I loved it. I still have the matching chair. There was an unfortunate incident when my husband spilled something & then tried to clean it with something abrasive. The lady who came to get it was picking it up for her teenage daughter - she had a sort of club house and needed some comfy seating.


Congratulations on the move (if it's a good thing). I'm with everyone else...what did this girl get in the deal?

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