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August 30, 2010



Haha I have to say I've never encountered this!

I would think that you only HAVE to respond to one. But it might be nice to respond to the electronic forms as well - so the other partygoers can say "Oh! Pinkalicious will be there! I should go too!" instead of "Pinkalicious hasn't responded yet, I bet she's not going, this party will be a dud so I won't go."


I'd just rsvp one way!


I've gotten invites to things via both evite and Facebook, which I just don't get. To me, it's just more confusing.

That said, if I get multiple electronic invites, I respond to all of 'em. That way they have the same information everywhere, so they don't have to look around and figure out what I'm doing.


I agree with you -- very confusing!
I would just send an email and call it a day.


a.) Just another reason to not be on Facebook.

b.) Wow, I'm surprised you get invitations in the mail! Other than weddings and showers, I don't think I've received an invitation in at least a decade.


I think you can just RSVP once. I've never received more than one invite to the same event, though.


One RSVP is totally sufficient.

A Little Coffee

I reply to all the electronic ones. I only reply to snail mail invites if it was the only version of the invitation sent, because I am lazy and the post office is a lot further away than the computer mouse.

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