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August 12, 2010



It's beautiful! You must love having two hours to do nothing but bead-- so well-deserved.


I love your bracelet, and I would like to make one, too! I should look into a beading class!!

Operation Pink Herring

$17 for a night out with a friend is a bargain, and you got a gorgeous bracelet to boot!

Melissa Oklahoma

Very cute! And how fun that you took a class... I'd love to take a jewelery making class and a photography class...


What a lovely bracelet!

sensibly Sassy

wow, I bet it feels super cool to wear something you made!

Wilda Wallace

Beautiful Janet. Maybe you should start your own business...or give a class.


So pretty! Love the colors you chose. I totally chose outfits based around the jewelry I want to wear, too.


Lovely bracelet, Janet. Well done.

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