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August 18, 2010



I! Love! Exclamation points!!!!

I often find myself deleting them from my professional emails. It's! Hard!!!!!


LOVE IT!!!!!!!!

Heh. I do the same thing - I really really have to restrain myself from using too many exclamations. I feel like I'm being rude if I'm *not* using them! My coworkers are just used to it by now, I think. ;)

sensibly Sassy

Oh my gosh I use exclamation points allll the time! (see?!) I think they are great but yes, they can be overused....sometimes.


hahaha!!!!! that is to funny!


I had the exclamation point addiction too for a long time, I got cured of it when writing copy for job advertisements in my old job. I was told then, only use an exclamation point if what you've written is really funny. I knew that it was pretty rare I was writing anything funny so I switched to normal periods.

But sometimes it's still fun to write like the excited girl I am!!! :-)


Maybe you could start dotting your Is with hearts instead? People LOVE that.


Also guilty of over-using the exclamation point, too! I love it so much and I find myself using it at the end of every single sentence sometimes. But I am just trying to convey enthusiasm and vivacity. eek!!



From a new reader,
You mean profession emails are a
"no exclamation zone"? or ?"
Hmmm...so let's exclaim for the exclamation point. No need for
an intervention is there?

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