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July 06, 2010



Love this!! (And my hubster would love this more!)


yes, tailors are awesome! I'm slowly starting to embrace this. I have a super-small budget for tailoring, but I have been able to get some pants and stuff done. I'm losing weight, and I'm excited to re-tailor some of my nicer things soon.

Appetite for Conversation

Lovely post!


Love this. Amazing advice to a girl who loves to shop (some would say I have shopoholism) and with no current income.


I loved this post. As you may know, this year I also tried to quit shopping and even started a blog about it--however, I stumbled & fell sometime in May and have since been very, very, very bad! This post does give me new resolve.
Thank you!

Kendi Everyday

Wonderful tips!! I might have to share this with my readers, you give out such wonderful advice!

You made my day with your shout out :) First, J Crew then me?!?! I'm blushing!!

much love, Kendi


Oh, that would make MY day!

Thanks for the nice comments :)

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