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July 19, 2010



If you love art, Holland is also a great place. Beautiful architecture, lovely art museums (with good deals -- if you're visiting a number of museums, get the museum card to skip lines at Van Gogh/Rijksmuseum and have free entrance at tons of places). It's easy to travel by train and see the whole darn country.

I might be biased because I studied abroad there. For the record, I do love Paris too. And Britain and Ireland. I say take more time off and visit all of them!


Most of Europe takes major vacation in August, so be careful on where you decide. Many shops/restaurants are closed for the month, so I suggest doing a little research to make sure all your vacation must-do's are available....


I was just about to say the same thing as Cassie - France in particular is fairly shut down in August.

I'm also biased (half Dutch), but I also think Holland is gorgeous and has incredible art. I would recommend going in the spring, though, when the tulip fields are in bloom.


Do you know how upset I am that I was just in Paris and did not make it to Berthillon???

Now I'm going to have to go back to Paris. Woe is me. ;)


Love that picture of you! I want to go to Paris & eat ice cream!


I vote Ireland.

I lived there for four months and this was the blog I kept:


Look at all those amazing pictures and you will want to be there in a heartbeat!


France is awesome! So easy to get to and to get around in. Make sure you see the Musee D'Orsee in Paris!


Besides Italy being the obvious choice here, :) what would you recommend (After the bar of course!) doing/eating in Paris? I'm thinking of doing a trip to Paris and possibly Nice for about a week/ weekend while I'm in Europe.


Having been everywhere you listed except for Italy... I think I'd choose Paris too. I lived for a short time in both Britain and Holland so I'm obviously biased towards them, but for a holiday I would say France.

France or Italy will be the prettiest right now and France has so much more to it than people think. It's not just high fashion and Eiffel Tower. There's history, intellectualism, hidden stories, eclectic people and gorgeous scenery (cities, countrysides, beaches).

Plus, France is close enough to take overnight/weekend trips to Holland and Italy!

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