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June 01, 2010



Saw this at Tower on Saturday and I did the same thing. Laughing out loud the entire time. The babies were hilarious and utterly adorable.
I really liked how well placed all the scenes were. Granted there was meant to be similarity of situation in the placement but I most enjoyed the things it revealed about child rearing in the first world.
It was the most fun I've had watching a movie with no speaking.


Just saw this, too. So cute! I read that Hattie is apparently from OAKLAND, not SF after all. Blasphemy!


Yeah... but will it make my ovaries hurt?


I had serious issues with the couple from San Francisco. But I loved the baby from Namibia!! Definitely the best story, in my opinion :)


Danielle, I loved the baby from Namibia too!

The couple from SF drove me absolutely nuts. The scene where they were at some bizarre mommy and me class doing some Native American chant particularly irked me. I felt like I turned to my fiance on several occasions during the movie to complain about them.

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