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June 23, 2010



I knew a little bit about CF, but clearly not enough! This is an excellent primer. Thanks so much for sharing it!


Yes, thank for the info. I knew about CF -- I read a lot about it as a kid. But I was under the impression that most people with CF don't live past their teens. It's good to know that there's a range of severity in the illness.

I wish you the best :-) Again, thank you for sharing.


Isn't Katharine awesome? I am so grateful that she is so open and willing to share her story.


Pleasure to "meet" you, Katharine. Thank you for sharing your story; your strength + honesty are inspiring.


Thank you guys for reading my story! And a special thanks to Janet for allowing me to share. :)


Katharine, you rock!

I never knew that there couldn't be CF support groups because of the super special bacteria. How freaking crummy is that?!

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