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April 23, 2010



Hi-Wanted to delurk myself-I'm Dani, and a 2L at Michigan State law. That video is too cute!


Awesome acting! I love how you're wearing a wedding ring while your "mom" is asking you about the eligible bachelors. ;)


Things I loved about that...your hair, the Jean blazer in Fresno, the wedding ring, and your total lack of inhibition. Thing I didn't like-that it made all of us snuggled on the couch watching on my iPod miss you so much.


Love how your "mom" is talking about you being single and you still have your wedding rings on. ha ha


I love the whiteboard Facebook. Genius.


Very Cute! So, what is a Whitkin anyway??

Slice of Pink

So! A Witkin is a certificate you get for having the highest grade in the class!

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