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April 19, 2010



This was the most amazing thing ever! I can't believe it happened, and that we saw it. I'm dying to know what happened in the aftermath! And to see the video. :)

They also missed their curly fries!


Drunk people are ridiculous. I run into a lot of them at work. One time a drunk lady hit her best friend in the head with her purse and then accosted her husband on the stairs.


Shoot. That kind of thing happens in the Lancaster Walmart when people haven't even had any alcohol.


I was waiting on a table once, it was a couple, and the man picked up a steak knife and was pounding the bu of it against the wall screaming at his female companion because she only ordered one tequila shot. They didn't leave me a very big tip.


wow- that is quite the drama! I don't understand what compels people to make such spectacles of themselves- to be so loud in public! What a show.

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