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March 05, 2010



I am determined to do the`same! I, too, was a "crazy" teacher, but it seems that being a mom has taken a lot of that craziness away and replaced it with sweatpants, toes that are in desperate need of a pedicure, and a boring bob haircut!

Appetite for Conversation

Fun! Can I come along?


You have been crazy since the first day I met you. Nothing's different...except we hang out less, maybe thats your problem. You need a square like me to remind you to be crazy.


Yeah, we really miss you. You are the only person who could offer students Otter Shots and still be rehired in a flash during a recession. Life is more fun with you in it for sure.

sensibly Sassy

oh gurl, I am in the same boat! Except I lost my sass as apposed to my crazy...I've got plenty o'crazy


Let's talk about that talent show routine you did with your AP Photo class! You DEFINITELY are crazy, but in a good way! :-)

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